Best Monero CPU Mining Cards 2018 – Top 5 CPU Mining Cards

XMR Mining CPU

With a steady rise of new coins entering the market each day, mining profitability has been a huge topic all around. From Bitcoin, the current crypto giant, to other altcoins such as Monero, Iota and Cardano, a major thing to consider when it comes to mining is the systems they run on; Proof-Of-Work (POW), Proof-Of-Stake (POS) and Tangle are all systems that continually push the cryptocurrency world to new exciting territories. That is not to say that they don’t come with pros and cons though. One will have to be heavily invested in mining gear if he was to mine Bitcoin for instance, which runs on a Proof-Of-Work system. That means the block reward is distributed to those with the greater hashing contribution to a great extent, thus making it pretty hard to make a profit with a standard CPU/GPU mining rig. But what if one was to mine altcoins instead with a pretty basic setup?

This is where mining becomes rather interesting. With Monero (XMR) having been Minergate’s first choice when it comes to mining profitability, more and more coins can be mined using a budget mining rig and actually prove to be profitable. But what would it take to build a mining rig on a budget? Apart from GPUs, which are now the main source of hashing power, we shouldn’t let aside the fact that we can also use a good CPU setup to our advantage as well, enhancing our total mining performance as a whole. So what makes a CPU good for mining purposes?

Taking a look at Monero Benchmarks (, the Intel XEON series provides for an excellent base to run a mining setup. Both the E7-8867L and the E5-2665 prove to be quite powerful, while also considering the E7-8890’s 1483 h/s hashing power and 165 W power consumption when running on an Ubuntu 16.10 operating system. But let’s take a closer look at some of these models.

Top 5 Best Monero Mining CPU Hardware

  1. INTEL XEON CPU E7-8880 V3

    xmr mining intel xeon processor e7 8800 v3

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.30 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 1500 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 150W

    With an excellent energy efficiency of 150 W, the Xeon E7-8880 provides for a perfect solution, reaching a total of 1500 h/s. Though quite expensive, combined with a GPU set (see the respective article), mining Monero on a rig like this can be one of the best setups to build upon.

  2. INTEL XEON E7-8867L

    xmr mining intel xeon e7 8877L

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.13 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 310 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 105W

    With an additional option to even run a multiple CPU setup, the Xeon E7-8867L is also another piece of gear to consider. For a relatively low price, a single 8867L can reach 310 h/s and combined with a Vega GPU, it can make for some interesting results.

  3. INTEL CORE i7-6700HQ

    xmr mining Intel-Core-i7-6700HQ-6th-Generation

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.60 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 96 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 45W

    Running on 4 cores with a base processor frequency of 2.60 GHz, the i7-6700HQ can reach 96 h/s, making it one of the best choices right now when mining on a budget. Along with the i7-4700HQ, which comes at 130 h/s, these two are definitely worth checking out.

  4. INTEL XEON E5-2665

    xmr mining intel_xeon_processor__5_2

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.40 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 416 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 115W

    Though a bit on the pricey side, the E5-2665 is quite a piece of gear to be left out of any mining gear list. Its 416 h/s hashing power makes it one of the best models available as it can pay off rather fast. With a total of 12 threads and a 115 W power consumption, it is one of the most energy-efficient CPUs out there.

  5. INTEL CORE i7-7700K
    xmr mining intel core i7 7700k

    Processor Base Frequency: 4.20 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 360 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 91W

    The i7-7700K can be your safest choice when it comes to mining on a budget. Combined with a 1080Ti GPU, the results can be quite outstanding, as Monero (XMR) is mined smoothly on a rig like this. With the i7-7700K priced in the affordable CPU range, it provides for an excellent setup, with the CPU alone reaching 360 H/S when overclocked.


Choosing a steady and reliable mining rig, whether built on a dedicated computer or one designed to mine on the side, a good CPU-GPU balance can prove to be of great importance for to produce some decent results. With the world of cryptocurrency mining growing all the more each day, it is an exciting time indeed to be involved; the fact that a lot of new coins move towards more basic mining structures provides for a great time for one to get started. CPUs that can be used for that manner can range in terms of pricing, such as the excellent INTEL CORE i7-7700K (which is actually our safest choice when being on a budget), to the more advanced INTEL XEON CPU E7-8880 V3, which is capable of producing some outstanding results. Happy mining!

EXMO Exchange – Buy and Sell Monero

exmo exchange logo

EXMO is an exchange platform comprising of enthusiastic and committed professionals team, which are assembled from all over the world. The financial advisors are from Singapore, USA and Lithuania and their programmers are from Thailand, Spain, India, and Russia. Their primary goal is to create a convenient and secure cryptocurrency trading platform in the whole world. EXMO exchange supports the Monero, Dash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ruble, Dollar, Litecoin, Ethereum and Euro wallets. The supported coins are Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

EXMO Registration

The section will provide an overview of regarding registration process of EXMO account on

Registration & Login Process

  • Open a new tab and type Press the enter key, and the homepage will open.
    EXMO Sign up page
  • You can type your email address in the text field with sign-up button, or you can click on the Sign-up button on the top right corner of the website. When you go down to the website, there’s a “Register an account” button to create your free account on the site.
    EXMO Register Account
  • The registration page will open where you will enter your email, username, password and confirm password details.
  • There should be more than five Latin characters in the login section, and the password length should comprise of at least seven Latin characters.
    EXMO Registration Form
  • After Entering the Register button, you will receive the account activation mail in your email-id.
  • When you click the link, your account will get activated, and the message will appear as given below:
    EXMO Account Activation
  • Press the login button to redirect yourself to a login page. After that, the dashboard will open displaying the trading interface of the EXMO bitcoin. If you will log out and try to log in again, the email text field will show “check your email” message in-case you insert wrong email address, or it is empty. You don’t have to fill username in it. Instead, you will fill your email address on which it has been registered.
  • After login in, the dashboard will appear displaying Buy & Sell, Exchange, and Finance menu items.

EXMO Congratulations

EXMO Account Verification

EXMO Authorization

For managing the transactions, especially when you have to make bank deposits, EXMO verification is necessary. The following steps will provide you with the detailed information about how to verify your account:-

  • Go to your user-name menu and click on “Account Verification.”
  • After that, the following form will appear, and you have to fill the following fields:-
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Document Series and Number
    • ID Document Expiration Date
    • Color Scan Copy of the Documents

    EXMO verification

    The following list shows the documents requirements that are mandatory for verifying your account on the EXMO:-

    • The duplicates or scanned copies of your documents must be of high quality. Details must be clearly visible for verification.
    • You have to submit colored scan copies, and it must be in the uniform background.
    • All four angles of the documents should be visible. Cropping is not allowed.
    • There must be no irrelevant article or object on the document, which doesn’t have a place with the first. For instance, cuts, fingers, and so forth.
    • Altered or graphically altered reports and the records containing examining/photographic impacts such as blurring and flashlights are not acknowledged.
    • Image format accepted are png, jpg, and size ranging from 500kb to 5mb.

    EXMO Document Requirements

    EXMO Private Messages

    • Click on the “private messages” tab to open your message section.
    • Your messages will be displayed in this section.

    EXMO Referral ProgramEXMO Referral Program

    The reason why users prefer to do their business on EXMO is that of its affiliate referral program. If you introduce your friends to EXMO, you can earn 25% commission, generated by their EXMO transactions. Just follow the following steps:-

    • Click on “Referral Program” tab.
    • Copy your referral code and share it with friends.

    EXMO pays 25% commission when your friend will register on EXMO website with your referral code and make exchange transactions.

    In case you want to add the EXMO bitcoin banner on your website, copy the banner code and add in the code of your site.

    EXMO Cashback

    EXMO Cash back

    Cashback is the part of the commission refund which is paid for the exchange. You will be paid back a small part of the commission generated by the exchanges. It will rely upon a volume of operations conferred as per the exhibited table. Cashback is aggregated through the span of a month and deposited in your account on the first day of the following month. Accumulations for all exchanges will be done in BTC. Operations in different cryptocurrencies or standard currencies will automatically change to BTC.

    EXMO Exchange

    EXMO is among the top ten digital currency trade that enables clients to exchange crypto coins and various fiat monetary forms, for example, the USD (U.S. dollar) and EUR (euros):

    • If you’re XMR cryptocurrency user, you may wish to begin by trading fiat currency with primary currency, for example, bitcoin.
    • It’s conceivable to perform EXMO deposits and withdrawals on exchange portal, store your XMR crypto coins in EXMO’s improved secure wallet, or execute exchanges and arbitrage openings on the brought together EXMO exchange mode stage.

    When performing the exchange of your Monero coins, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Exchange” tab.
    • Select the XMR (Monero) that you will be giving.
    • Then select the currency with which you want to exchange your XMR coin with.
    • Press the exchange button.

    Your available balance and the balance after exchange will get displayed on every exchange you are going to make. The exchange history is also given.


    EXMO Monero (XMR) Withdrawals & Deposits

    XMR or Monero addresses comprises of 95 characters string, which starts with number 4. Ensure that a four must lead the address you expect to send your XMR tokens to or else, the exchange will fail. A PaymentID is necessary to connect your exchange with your record along with Monero. PaymentID is 64 characters in length and ought to go with trades.

    If you want to perform XMR deposit, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Finance” tab.
    • Go down the screen and click the Deposit button given in front of XMR option.
    • Generate the Monero address by pressing “Create Address” button.
    • The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 XMR.
    • Your Monero Address will get generated, which you can copy and use for refilling your account.

    For making Monero withdrawal, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Finance” tab.
    • Click the withdraw button in front of XMR option.
    • Fill the withdrawal amount, and the amount that you’ll get is displayed below that.
    • Insert the wallet address that you generated.
    • Click the “withdraw” button.

    XMR Buy / XMR Sell / XMR Trading

    EXMO exchange is one of the trusted cryptocurrency exchange portals. You can buy and sell XMR (Monero) with either BTC (Bitcoin), EURO (EUR) or US Dollars (USD). EXMO clients often comment on how rapidly exchanges are executed. Clients somewhere else tend to grumble about abating affirms as the quantity of blockchain exchange has expanded.


    You can change the week trading to day, month, or year trading comparison also. To make the XMR/USD trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Click on the XMR menu as shown in the above figure and then select XMR/USD option.
    • Now, select the limit order section if you want to make limit order trade.
    • In case you want to buy Monero, then fill the total amount you want to purchase. The price will be automatically calculated.
    • Also, the total commission amount will be displayed that will go to the EXMO exchange.
    • If you desire to sell the XMR, then fill the total amount you want to sell in “Sell, XMR” section. The commission will get calculated, and you can sell your Monero.

    For making instant order trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Select the “instant order tab.”
    • Fill the amount you want to buy.
    • Its total cost will be displayed.
    • Then press the “Buy XMR” button.
    • In case you want to sell your Monero; then fill the amount in “Sell, XMR” section.
    • Then press the “Sell XMR” button.


    You can change the week trading to year, day, or month trading comparison also. To make the XMR/EUR trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Click on the XMR menu as shown in the above figure and then select XMR/EUR option.
    • Now, select the limit order section if you want to make limit order trade.
    • In case you want to buy Monero, then fill the total amount you want to purchase. The price will be automatically calculated.
    • Also, the total commission amount will be displayed that will go to the EXMO exchange.
    • If you desire to sell the XMR, then fill the total amount you want to sell in “Sell, XMR” section. The commission will get calculated, and you can sell your Monero.

    For making instant order trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Select the “instant order tab.”
    • Fill the amount you want to buy.
    • Its total cost will be displayed.
    • Then press the “Buy XMR” button.
    • In case you want to sell your Monero; then fill the amount in “Sell, XMR” section.
    • Then press the “Sell XMR” button.


      In the limit order section, there’s a limit for buying and selling of XMR. You need to define the amount and price of the Monero for buying or selling of XMR. The commission of EXMO exchange will automatically be deducted from the balance.

      The instant order section is divided into four quadrants, two is for “Buy, XMR,” and 2 is for “Sell, XMR” section.

    EXMO Customer Support

    If you can have doubts regarding the exchange or other information, then you can get the help of EXMO support team. There are also few frequently asked questions-answers, which can resolve your doubt in few moments. If you are still not satisfied with the answer, then you can proceed with “online chat” or “create a ticket” option.

    When you click on “online chat” button, the following page will open, where can chat and ask questions from EXMO officials sitting over another end.

    In case you decide to generate the ticket, then click on “create a ticket” option and you will be directed to the forum page. Here, you must fill your email address, login, subject, and then in a description, fill your query or request. You can also attach attachments, and then click on submit button.


    It is a user-friendly exchange platform with a simple user interface, and it is also light-weighted, which means it runs smoothly on every device. EXMO allows an exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies with multiple payment methods. For trading of Monero currency, you need to create a Monero address for deposit and withdrawal processes. The limited and instant exchanging are sufficiently basic for tenderfoots while there are various cryptos offered. Business clients won’t be happy with limited exchanging as EXMO’s functionalities are not too complicated.


    • EXMO Monero service is available globally.
    • The website supports the multiple crypto coins, payment methods, and fiat currencies.
    • It also has IP approval function.
    • The website user interface is customer friendly and easily understandable.


    • High Fees.
    • Not mobile device friendly.
    • It requires scanned IP for cards and bank transfers.
    • Margin trading too simplified.

Bittrex Exchange – Buy and Sell Monero

bittrex logo

At some point in every cryptocurrency trader’s career, they realize that the coin selection on the exchange they put their fiat into (ahem, Coinbase) leaves a bit to be desired.  Would-be Monero traders are no exception.  In the time that it took for this humble reviewer to get everything together to buy his first unknown amount of Monero, the price had nearly doubled.

The first exchange I used to purchase Monero was an exchange called Bittrex.  Bittrex was founded in 2014 by Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, and Rami Kawach, all former security professionals from Amazon or Microsoft.  Shihara and Lai ran GiftcardBTC prior to starting Bittrex.  Bittrex grew quickly, and as of the end of 2017, it has become one of the largest American exchanges, with nearly 200 individual coins listed.

Bittrex’s user interface is very easy on the eyes.  Viewing the various pairings on the exchange is simple, and the exchange automatically moves the pairings with the greatest trading volume and pairings with the greatest percent change to the front page, so there’s always a pump and dump for you to lose your hard-won crypto on!  The scrolling bar at the top shows the top winners out of all of the coin pairings, as well, so if choosing a random pump off the front page just wasn’t a risky enough investment (I get it.  Really, I do.  If cryptocurrency didn’t exist I’d probably just play blackjack margin trade silver futures), you can always choose the biggest daily pump.

Bittrex Example Trade Price

I’ve never heard of UnbreakableCoin, and Verge is a dogecoin fork, but this almost makes me want to buy some of both.  A dangerous scrollbar, to be sure.

Bittrex is unfortunately only available in English.  It has a very user-friendly mobile browser interface.  It loads quickly and has no issues fitting the screen of an Android.  I find that I prefer making trades on my mobile device to making trades on my PC, but either interface is easy enough to use without issue.  It is, however, worth noting that I sometimes have issues withdrawing from a mobile device.  On the mobile version of the exchange, the bar to insert your Google Authenticator code doesn’t always appear correctly.  Switching to the desktop version of the site fixes this issue.

Getting Started

Bittrex is, as of writing (12/24/17), not accepting new users until after a pending database upgrade.  This decision was made because of the influx of new users that have been seen on nearly all of the exchanges in the last two months.  While this is far from a popular decision, it’s welcoming to see an exchange attempt to deal with problems before they arise.  Only time will tell if the new database can help prevent the DDoS attacks that seem to plague other exchanges.  Bittrex seems to have very little downtime as is, though, so it is at the moment, not an issue.

Monero Account Verification

Despite this, when Bittrex is processing new users, their registration/verification process is one of the fastest I’ve seen on any exchange.  It took around 15 minutes from submitting pictures of my documents (ID and a selfie) for my account tier to be upgraded to “Enhanced” and my daily withdrawal limit increased to 100 BTC.  Interestingly, the “Basic” verification, requiring only a few lines of personal information, failed to verify entirely.  This seems to be a common experience on Bittrex, but the enhanced verification bypasses the basic verification entirely and is so quick-to-use that it shouldn’t make a difference.

Bittrex has an automatic IP address verifying feature that requires you to verify your Bittrex login from the email address you have linked to your account, which is a nice touch.  Also available is two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator.  Google Authenticator is a much more secure answer to the SMS two-factor authentication used by many exchanges.  For this reason, it’s becoming more and more common.  One minor annoyance is that Bittrex requires you to input your Google Authenticator code prior to checking your IP address, meaning that if your IP address needs to be verified, you’ll have to log in and put in an Authenticator code a second time.  This is, nonetheless, a minor gripe.  More security is rarely a bad thing, especially when it comes to managing your Bittrex Monero wallet.

Monero Trading

Bittrex has several different trading pairs for Monero.  You can buy Monero with Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Tether.  With tx fees on the Bitcoin network being as high as they are, you’ll probably want to use either Tether or Ethereum.  As someone who avoids Tether like the plague (A story for another day), that leaves Ethereum.  Ethereum’s lower tx fees and faster tx times make it the obvious choice for purchasing Monero with as few fees as possible.  Bittrex’s fees are 0.25% on all trades.  Bittrex does not allow trading in fiat, meaning you’ll have to put coins from other sources onto the exchange to be able to trade.

Bittrex Order Book

The order book is nice and tidy, and you can copy the price of a bid into your own order simply by clicking on the price.  If the bid price is changing faster than you can type your order, though, you might be better off waiting for the panic to end.

Monero Withdrawal

Bittrex Monero deposits are simple.  You’ll pay a standard Monero tx fee to the network for deposits.  The Monero will post to your Bittrex Monero wallet as soon as its received.

Monero Withdrawal Form

Oh, my.  I get the feeling that that withdrawal price is a holdover from the times of a sub-$30 Monero price.

Withdrawals are where things start to get hairy.  As per the image of Bittrex’s Monero Payment ID screen above, Bittrex Monero withdrawal fees are sitting at 0.04 XMR at present.  At Bittrex’s own Monero price, that comes out to USD value of about $13.50 for withdrawals of any size.  This is extremely unfortunate.  Bittrex seems to be managing everything else regarding the exchange of Monero very well – why are the withdrawal fees an exception?  For reference, Cardano withdrawal fees are currently sitting at 0.2 ADA.  That comes to a USD value of under 9 cents.  Privacy isn’t free, but this is ridiculous.



  • 0.25% Transaction fees makes trading on Bittrex an attractive choice
  • Ethereum/Monero trading pairs. The price of Ethereum is typically more stable, and has lower tax fees/times compared to Bitcoin, making it a far better choice for trading pairs
  • The some of the fastest verification times I’ve seen on any exchange
  • Easy to understand user interface


  • 0.04 XMR withdrawal fees are absolutely insane
  • Not currently accepting new users
  • Has USD Tether pairings, as opposed to fiat pairings (If you’re engaging in arbitration, this is probably a positive)
  • If you cancel an order that is partially filled, or have a large order filled by multiple people, you can sometimes end up paying a small bit more than the 0.25% transaction fee.

Crypto-Games Monero Accepting Casino Review logo

If you’re looking for Monero gambling sites, then Crypto-games is just the thing for you. Monero betting on Crypto-games is easy but before anything else, ensure you have a Monero coin wallet, because most of you only have Bitcoin wallets.

Launched in May 2014  by IT programmers and Systems Engineers who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it originally started with slot machine games in that exclusively used Dogecoin. After a few months, they added more popular currencies so they changed to Monero is one of those currencies that they added, and now at over $5B, the Monero coin cap seems to be a good decision to have added it to their portfolio. Crypto-games accepts Monero easily. It is one of the many cryptocurrency online casinos that focuses on coins. Soon, they begin to offer other games as well, and in May of this year just added Plinko to the roster.

It is easy to navigate around the casino because of its straightforward design. When you click on Play Now, it takes you to your dashboard. But if you are wondering how to sign up, you can read below on how to get you started because this is where a bit of complication starts. We suggest you read the FAQs and Terms of Service before starting because that would make all the difference. The site is in English only but the Chat Service has an International section if you do not speak English.

On the other hand, you will be happy to know that Crypto-games’ Monero android works fine without any lag at all. It is best that if you go mobile, a bigger screen will help in the experience.

crypto games mobile home page

If you’re using a small screen phone, you will have a difficult time tapping on the buttons. We had to zoom in on the Chat Box to tap it correctly.

crypto games small playing screen for the mobile device

It  is important to note as well before getting excited, to ensure you are not in any of the restricted countries: Belgium, Curacao, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hongkong, Israel, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United States, United States, Territories, United Kingdom, Australia, and/or restricted by law countries. In addition, if you know that your country prohibits online gambling but is not listed here and got caught, the casino is not liable for you. So exercise caution before proceeding.

As for privacy, Crypto-games collects your IP date to prevent multiple account holding. However, don’t expect a Monero anonymity type, because you will later find out that you will need to provide an email address to keep your account secure. As per their Terms of Service, they do not share this info with 3rd party services.

Finally, as far as their terms and services in their website shows, they are not regulated by any country gambling commission like what you read on regular casinos. Some of them either have licenses in Curacao, UK, Belgium and the like. When playing, the agreement is between you and Crypto-games. This is not to say that they are not a legal online gambling site. They make up for this by using systems that provide transparency such as the Provably Fair system, which you will find out as you read through our review.

How to Get Started

If you are thinking of gambling with your Monero, then is one that you can consider.

Play now crypto games

When you click on the Play Now button, it will take you to a dashboard.

crypto games dashboard

When you try to click on log in thinking this is where you create your account, you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t it.

So we went to Settings to figure things out. Under the Account Tab, is an address.

crypto games account settings

On the next tab is the Security Tab. This is the part where you can key in an email address and password. We later found out on the FAQs page, that an email address is more of a preference rather than a requirement. However, it is a security feature, one which you should not ignore.

crypto games security settings

We finally received an email.

What happened here is that if you are used to creating an account on gambling sites, you will be at a lost on where to start in So, after much tinkering, we were able to figure things out while reading their FAQs. Not sure with the rest, but we only read the FAQs when we encounter problems, not before creating accounts.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Monero

To start playing, you need to Deposit your Monero coin under Your Account Tab on the upper right, drop down to Deposit. It is simple enough.

crypto games deposit menu

The first thing you will see is a Terms and Conditions page. All you need to do is click on I Agree once you have read through all of it. You might be tempted to skip on reading but we suggest you don’t and start reading. Gambling is a risk and a Monero casino is no different. Not knowing what you signed up for is more risk you can’t afford, to be honest.

crypto games terms and conditions

Once you understood the T&Cs and clicked on “I Agree”, it will show you your ID and Deposit Address. The minimum deposit is 0.01 Monero/XMR. It will also show you information on minimum deposit along with the warning that the Payment ID changes every hour. If you have not deposited by then, you will need to check on the ID once again to get your most recent one.

crypto games monero payment id

The next tab will show you your Payment History. The remaining tabs tell you about Monero and how to get them and Deposit addresses of different coins.

On the other hand, the Withdraw Page is located in the same place as the Deposit section.  The minimum Withdrawal is 0.12100000 XMR and transaction speed will depend on how much you are willing to pay the Withdrawal Fee. You will need to toggle on the Withdrawal Fee to do this. Key in the amount you want to withdraw, paste your Payment ID and your chosen Monero wallet and toggle on the Withdrawal Fee to find out the final amount you can withdraw when fees are already deducted. Then click on Payout. It will take two network confirmations to clear for payout.

crypto games withdrawal section

To track your Withdrawals, just go to the History Tab.

crypto games history tab

Mind you, you can buy Monero directly from trusted exchanges. However, you can also convert your Bitcoins to Monero using a conversion service. Crypto-games has a conversion service under the Exchange drop-down where Deposit and Withdrawal are also located, on the upper right portion.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC or altcoin equivalent and it needs 2 network confirmations to do so. Should you decide to use their conversion service, you will need to provide an email under Security in the Settings page. Use the drop-down to find the coins you want to convert. Aside from Monero, you can use Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Gridcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and Stratis. Coins have different minimum deposits and withdrawals.

crypto games conversion section

Before converting, check the conversion rates under the Exchange Rates tab. You can also use other Exchanges, with this you are not locked down or required to use their service and you can compare rates with other Exchanges. Check the Monero price on big exchanges to be sure. Rates are automatically refreshed.

The Casino Experience

Moving on, below is how your dashboard will look like. To bet Monero, click on “Change Game” on the upper left side. On it, you will see the different games and a drop down for each. Click on the arrow to see the different coins you can gamble with. Click on Monero.

selecting monero crypto games

You can play all the games with your Monero, except Lotto. Other games are Slots, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Plinko.

When you scroll below, you will see a stats-like chart that shows all players, all bets, the coins they are betting with, payouts, targets, roll, and profit. These are all moving because the chart shows real-time gambling, hence, the timestamps as well.

crypto games list

Just move on to the next tab labeled “Your Bets”, to keep track of your bets. The dashboard above shows the Dice game. We wanted to try Slots (our favorite!), to see how it looks like.

crypto games slots

Crypto-games uses the Provably Fair system for users to check the validity of results. If you are new to gambling and coin gambling, you will need to learn this first as part of mitigating risks, so to speak. It just means you should know how things work especially on how winnings and losses are determined. But that should always be the case whether you are gambling coins or regular fiat.

The Provably Fair system is a technology that aims for transparency on how wins and losses came to. It uses a cryptographic algorithm using a hash. The details for each game differs but in essence it is all the same. To explain:

  • Seed numbers are created by the casino, in this case, Crypto-games
  • This is then hashed and sent to the player
  • Player also creates seed
  • Betting ensues, result is determined, win or lose
  • At the end, player receives the seed used in the bet. Player can use this seed to verify using a SHA512 generator. The link to the generator is also in the Provably Fair tab for easy access.

Here is an example of what the Provably Fair tab looks like.

crypto games provably fair

On the other hand, Crypto-games also has the usual House Edge. Depending on the game you want to play, each game has a different House Edge, which determines a percentage that a casino would expect to retain on an average hand and play. You can check this out on the FAQs page.

Each game and player has their own possibilities. The percentages will change depending on skills and luck. While there is a House Edge, there is also the Payback Percentage. Slots players have a percentage of 49.73% chance of winning.

The User Benefits

Some of you are casual gamblers and others are serious ones. What is in it for you?


Crypto-games also have the Faucet system, where the amount is given to you or the number of Faucet you can request depends on your Level. The higher your level, the more Faucet. For a Baby player like us, we get a 0.00008000 XMR and 10 Faucet requests in in a span of 24 hours. You can request once every 3 minutes from a single IP address. Remember, in Crypto-games, your IP address is one of the factors that determine your ID. You can go to the Faucet Page in Your Account and click on Rewards.

You can check your level under the Faucet Level tab.

crypto games faucet level tab

We proceeded to request for our first Faucet. Notice the green line that says our requests have been added to our Account.

crypto games green faucet request

Referrals/Invite a Friend

For every friend you invite and have them successfully play, Crypto-games shares a portion of the House Edge with you. It differs per game. Currently, they share 25% on Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Plinko. For Dice, it’s also 25% for any bet made by the friend you referred.

To refer, make sure to use your referral link given on the Invite a Friend tab. Track your referrals on the same tab, you just need to scroll down.


The casino also gives out vouchers, so if you happen to come across one, you can use it to play.


The Casino usually has contests as well that involves In-chat Roll Games, where two people involved will play a game of their choice. If you rise to the leaderboard, you get a VIP Access Channel and a VIP tag. They do this on a monthly basis.

Seasonal Promotions

If you hang around their Bitcoin forum, there are games and promotions that you can catch there. They will give you rewards or giveaways for promoting the casino, 0% House Edge, signature campaigns, social media challenges and the like.

crypto games seasonal promotions


Crypto-games allow you to invest in the business, which is unusual because we have never seen one another do it before. But to openly encourage players to invest is quite a good strategy to get people some financial support. If you are a player, know that the online casino business is a billion dollar industry. You might want to cash in on it. Crypto-games said they share 70% of the profit to investors and retain the rest of operations.



  • House edge is below usual, which is good. Usual is 3-15% depending on the type of game. So far, the highest we have seen in a game in Crypto-games is 2.9% in Video Poker, still below the usual.
  • The high payout on Slots at 98.028% on all coin payouts. The industry standard or the usual in casinos range from 72 to 98%.
  • The lottery does not have a House Edge. Good for casual gamers, when all they want is to try their luck in a game of chance.
  • Busy promotions. There is always something going on for players. Although they have the usual loyalty rewards schemes, it is a plus to have seasonal or consistent promotional schemes in the forum. The signature campaigns are nothing new, nor are giveaways, but the continuous pattern adds to the appeal.
  • When your coin balance is zero, you can request for a tiny bit of help from the casino. They literally give you coins.


  • No registration required, except as a security backup. We understand the anonymity bit, but we think this is taking it to a different insecurity level. If you have an understanding of human habits, not many take the time to remember IDs with number except their social security, but even that is debatable. Gambling in itself is a risk, but gambling with just a single, forgettable way for players to identify and secure coins is increasing that risk further. This might work for programmers and people who have technical knowledge, but there are other gamblers who are not as adept at these things.
  • Very few games. One of the things that attract attention in Casinos is that it feels like a carnival with lots of things to do wherever you go. But Crypto-games only has 7 games compared to other casinos with more than a hundred games to choose from. Especially the Slots, where it is the norm to have multiple ones to provide choices. We think they are losing out on a piece of the Slot machine gamblers market here.
  • Bland design. While it may be Crypto-games’ objective to keep things clean when it comes to design, this might be a drawback. Casinos are always lively. We somehow miss the fanfare to get us excited to betting. All the aesthetics work somehow, especially when you only have 7 games to work on.
  • The chat function is confusing. Chat boxes are usually for support purposes, help desk functions. Turns out, it is not just for that. It is also an avenue where players can simply talk, exchange ideas, brag and whatnot. Not sure if you want to chat while focusing on your hands, but a Chat function for support is a must!
  • No Commission license. We might be veering away from the anonymity, privacy, deregulated and secure principle that cryptocurrency is known for, but when it comes to gambling, it adds to keep our minds at ease when it is somehow licensed with a gaming Commission like the usual casinos are.

Fairproof Monero Accepting Casino Review

Contrary to popular belief, the thing that unites nearly all online casinos are not the cards, roulette, or even fun – but rather it’s the atmosphere. The average digital gambling site looks and feels like the kind of seedy place you’d be caught hanging out at after a particularly rough mid-life crisis.

Monero casinos (and other cryptocurrency casinos), of course, are no exception. Fairproof, however, seems to be trying to buck the trend.

Fairproof is an online Monero betting site that also accepts the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Darknote, Bytecoin and Dogecoin. The site itself, no joke looks like it was made for the 21st century is apparently a very hard standard to meet.  In a very literal sense, it’s one of the few sites I’ve seen that looks like it was made to gamble cryptocurrency in 2017. While most sites have the aesthetic of a site for buying the cheap knock-off Beanie Babies, Fairproof is easy on the eyes, and it loads as quick as the cryptocurrencies you load onto it.

However, using the site on mobile leaves a bit to be desired.  The site just tries to render as would on the desktop site.  Good luck reading the text if you zoom out enough to see the whole page.  While it works okay, there are certainly better Monero Android or iPhone experiences.  The site is available in both English and Chinese.

Fairproof was founded in 2013, but not much other information about the owners of the site is available.  The Terms of Service is the standard “At your own risk, zero responsibility” gobbledegoop we’ve come to expect from software over the years, but they promise provably fair games.

Fairproof Registration and Getting Started

Fairproof provably fair front page

“The simplest provably fair bitcoin, dogecoin, bytecoin, darknote, monero lottery with no registration.”  I’m not sure how I feel about the “no registration” bit, but I’m sure that’s a selling point for some of you.  You know who you are.

As can be seen above, there is no account registration for using Fairproof.  As such, there are no country restrictions! Not that any of you dear readers are anything other than the most law-abiding citizens, so I’m sure that doesn’t make a difference.  The site uses cookies to track your earnings, so keep that in mind.  You can return to the site with a permanent link.  There is no way to set a password, so you have to be sure to store your permanent link somewhere safe.  This seems to be a design decision to prioritize anonymity at the expense of security.  Monero anonymity is already unparalleled within the crypto community, so if you’re already a Monero user, the extra anonymity afforded by Fairproof is unnecessary.  Users of other cryptocurrencies may still find it useful, though.

Fairproof Deposits

Fairproof Deposits

Serve this image above as a warning: And to think, I thought we’d get through the entire site without finding any Chinglish.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  Your addresses will be different, so don’t send anything to the addresses in the screenshot.

Depositing money into the wallet is a painless experience, and you can deposit a variety of coins. To deposit Monero, just send coins from your personal Monero coin wallet to the Monero wallet address on the deposit section of the site.  This holds true for any of the other cryptocurrencies accepted on Fairproof. Just send the coins to the addresses and you’re ready to play.  The circled bit in the screenshot above is hard to make out, but it seems to be a poorly worded warning that your accounts will be swept if you’re inactive for more than one month.

Fairproof Games

Fairproof Game

The first of the three games available on Fairproof is a 0-99 lottery game.  The game is simple.  You choose whether you believe the number selected in the lottery is going to be higher or lower than a number that you select, and set your bet.  For example, if you were to choose the number 79, you would have just under a 20% chance of winning on choosing “higher,” compared to 80% chance of winning on choosing “lower” (Of course, if the number 79 were selected, it would make for an automatic loss.)  The payouts change accordingly depending on the probabilities, and the house fee goes up the higher the payout is.

The server seed hash and the client seed above are for the proof of fairness algorithm.  You paste the seeds on the linked third-party site, and they will return the same result you received from your bet.

fairproof all bets page

Each of the games has a public ledger containing all of the recent bets.  Poland seems particularly fond of Fairproof.

fairproof guess a card game

Playing cards on a computer always seemed silly to me, but then again, so did cryptocurrency, so what do I know?

The next game available on Fairproof is the “Guess-a-card game with no card tricksters.”  I’m not going to pretend like I know what a card trickster is.  It’s probably more Chinglish.  Regardless, this game is straightforward.  Just pick a few cards, and enter your bet.  This game has a house fee, as before.

fairproof set your bets

For some reason, this digital-timer-looking roulette wheel seems less seedy than a typical roulette wheel.

The third and final game offered by Fairproof is a roulette game. Just pick your numbers, set your bet, and spin away!  It’s worth noting that this is the only game on Fairproof that doesn’t take a house fee.

Fairproof Bonuses and Promotions

Fairproof deposit bonuses

All of the available bonuses on Fairproof are current (December 2017) Monero price, 0.3 BTC is about 14 Monero.

The bonuses are all standard fare.  There’s a free one-time 0.001 BTC bonus, a 2x deposit bonus (with a 0.5 BTC limit), and a “Bad Luck Bonus” (Essentially, a 20% refund) for those who are talented enough to lose an entire Bitcoin.  The last two bonuses, unfortunately, require 36x your deposit to be put in bets before withdrawal, which seems disproportionately high.

Fairproof Affiliate Program

fairproof affiliate program

This affiliate program is so enticing that I was barely able to resist the urge to plug my own affiliate link. Please understand from the beginning, however, that while this is a Monero accepting casino, the Fairproof affiliate program pays its shares in bitcoin only.

The bonuses mentioned earlier pale in comparison to the Fairproof Affiliate Program.  50% of profits for everyone that you send to the site sounds more lucrative than actually betting on the site.

Fairproof Conclusion

All-in-all, I was impressed with Fairproof. While the game selection is limited, the UI is everything I could ask for, and the proof of fairness is easy to check, even for people who aren’t particularly computer-literate.  The affiliate system is phenomenal, and the lack of registration means it’s easy to jump in and start playing.  I would appreciate a greater variety in the coin selection, but as someone who primarily uses Monero, this is a small gripe.


  • Fast, easy-to-use interface that is easy on the eyes and no registration
  • Effortless proof of fairness algorithm
  • Very lucrative affiliate system
  • Non-existent registration system means complete anonymity


  • Limited selection of games
  • Somewhat strange coin selection (They accept Dogecoin for instance but not Litecoin?)
  • Very high deposit requirements for redeeming bonuses
  • Non-existent registration system means you can’t set a password to protect your account

How to Use Coinhive Monero Mining 2018

coinhive logo

What is Coinhive, and how is it useful to me?

If you are reading this article, you may already know what you plan to use Coinhive for but if you don’t, fear not! I am going to go over each of the use cases for Coinhive in this article.

So what IS Coinhive anyways? Well, as it says at the top of their website, it is “A Crypto Miner for your Website”. That sounds simple enough. But how do you actually use it?

All the services that Coinhive provides are implemented into a website via Javascript API. If you are not a web developer and have no idea what that means, it just means that you have to add some extra lines of code into your website’s code to use Coinhive’s services.

Coinhive advertises the following features after you have an account with them:

  • Proof-of-work (PoW) Captchas, these are like the typical captcha except they use your CPU to do some hashing work to verify you instead of having you type letters or pick the correct image like traditional captchas.
  • PoW Shortlinks, if you have ever seen a URL shortener (like or bitly) then this is all that it is, except that before it takes you to the link, it has your CPU solve some hashes.

These functions are provided using their base functionality, which is a web miner for Monero. The reason that they chose Monero is that it can still be mined relatively effective with only your CPU. Their web miner program seems to be about 50% effective as to a normal mining program (as reported on their website) but they are working to improve that efficiency gap.

All the other things you can do with Coinhive are more open-ended. They are just providing the service to facilitate your ideas. You implement their API to use their miner and payment infrastructure, and you come up with the rest. This means you can use it to do pretty much anything, such as replace traditional ads on your site with mining time or use it as a way for users to gain in-game currency on your website/game (this is one of their examples). Some people have even used this to create an unofficial Chrome extension that you can use to mine Monero for yourself using your own browser.

Coinhive has a very good website to read through if you want to learn more, especially about the API documentation. If you are planning on using Coinhive on your website, definitely check out their API docs here:

Next, we will do a quick demo on creating an account and what the different screens on their site look like!

How to Mine Monero – a Quick Demo/Tutorial

When you first get to the website, this is what the homepage looks like:

Coinhive Mining Page

As you can see, I hit “Start” on the web miner widget so that you would be able to get a feel for how it looks when you are mining. You can change how many threads you want to use, and how much % of your CPU you want to use as well. It will show you how many h/s you get, and your total hashes, along with a neat graph of your hashrate. This is really just a demo on what the miner looks like, and isn’t meant to be used to mine 24/7 or anything. You could do that if you wanted to though.

If you sign in and let the miner run, you will start to accrue a balance. You can see this by going to your dashboard, by clicking the dashboard tab after signing in. Here it is:

Coinhive Mining Dashboard

If you are signed in and start mining on the homepage, it will show your hashes from there under “Your Site” by default. You can also use that open miner button and it will open a web miner that you can actually leave open more easily. It will look like this:

Coinhive Mining close up

There are more things on the dashboard screen, but not anything we need to go super in depth into for a basic tutorial. Moving on, we can also look at the shortlinks tab if we want to create a shortlink:

coinhive Shortlinks tab

The settings here are fairly straightforward, you can use this screen to create shortlinks that will mine for you when people click on them.

Coinhive Withdrawing

The last thing you need to know about is the withdrawal settings page. Here it is:

coinhive payment settings

This is probably the most important page, as you need to fill this out to be able to get paid! You can give it your Monero wallet address that you want to be paid for, but only if it does NOT need a payment ID, as it explains in the red text. I don’t know why they couldn’t make it compatible with payment IDs, but it just isn’t, so be aware of that.

As a result of this technicality, Coinhive recommends setting up a wallet with and offers a direct link to that website.

Also, notice that unless you set your minimum payout to higher than 0.5 XMR or greater, you will be charged any fee whatsoever. However, you must meet the minimum withdrawal of 0.02 XMR. If you request between 0.02 and 0.5 XMR you will be charged a flat fee of 0.005 XMR. That is not a lot, but it will add up over time. If you can’t afford to pay that extra fee, then make sure you set your minimum payout correctly.

That’s about it for how to use the site, with that you should be able to at least mine by yourself and have a basic knowledge of how the site components work.

Coinhive Chrome Extension

There is a Chrome extension that you can use to mine Monero in your browser, but it is not an official Coinhive extension. Some random guy wrote it and is probably taking a cut of whatever you mine with the extension, on top of the cut that Coinhive already takes. The extension still requires you to have your own Coinhive account to mine, so there is really no point to use it when you’ll likely get less for doing so. Just leave a miner tab open if you want to mine with your browser for yourself!

Keep in mind that when running your computer at 10 h/s and 100% speed you are going to run your computer CPU to 99%. After several tests we discovered that a thread of 4 h/s and 40% will keep your computer functional, cool, and able to run the miner day and night without damaging anything.

If you really do want to use it, then all you need to do is make a Coinhive account as discussed above, download and install the extension from the chrome store, and follow the extensions instructions from there. It will be about the same difficulty as setting up your Coinhive account to mine by itself in the browser, and will just earn less most likely.

Coinhive Review

Overall a miner that works on a web browser tab while you are surfing the net, watching a movie, or doing almost anything is pretty awesome. However, the Monero coins will not just be flowing in on the personal miner alone. In fact, it will take up a lot of energy to run the web broswer all the time. We recommend that you set up short links and strategically place them on your other websitse for other people to open them and cause hashing.

Nothing beats free however, and this is the easiest source for Monero mining we could find, and it is free.


  • Relatively easy to start mining by yourself
  • API is pretty intuitive to use if you have any JS experience at all and has decent documentation
  • Good website functionality
  • Open-ended


  • Requires programming skill for anything more than solo browser mining
  • Only get 70% of what you mine, Coinhive takes a flat 30%
  • May not even work economically for smaller sites (this is addressed on their homepage)
  • Web miner is not super efficient

Coinhive is a great and easy to use service! Whether you are a new Monero miner just looking for a super easy way to mine, or a website developer looking to operate on a large scale, Coinhive has a way for you to do what you want to do, and in a pretty simple way.

MoneroDice Monero Accepting Casino Review


MoneroDice is a simple game with mechanisms similar to casino games and intuitive interface nature. On its first impression, it looks a simple dice site for the visitors. If you are looking for a good dice game, Monerodice is worth considering. One of the best Monero Casino dice games, it focuses on Monero, which is a cryptocurrency alternate to bitcoin. Its rules are similar to the dice games and worth nothing and support player anonymity.

MoneroDice Homepage
As it uses the Monero coins for betting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use bitcoins here. MoneroDice also accepts Bitcoins on its site. You can learn more about dice gambling site and the way to use bitcoins by going through the overview of MoneroDice.

Get Started MoneroDice

Registering The Account

Registering on the site is very easy and quick process. Only fields that you have to fill are username, password, PIN. The emergency withdraw address, and email address is optional.

MoneroDice Registration Page

You can register with username and password only. But, it will be better if you use your email and emergency withdraw address also. In case you forget your password, it will be easy for you to recover it. Also, if something goes wrong, it will be easier for you to recover the money. Remember, the minimum character requirement for a username is four. You can register your account in less than 15 seconds.

When you do try to login to your account, you will be asked for two factors authentication also, which is optional. It is for the security purpose.

Your Account Dashboard

There’s no profile page for MoneroDice, which means Monero anonymity allows the player to gamble online anonymously. It provides advantages over the anonymous bitcoin casino. The dashboard of your account after login into the MoneroDice will be the settings panel, which will display your information like:-

  • Username ID
  • Emergency Withdraw number
  • email address
  • password

In case you did not add emergency withdraw and email address when registering your account, you can add them to the setting page. You can even change the account’s password here.

Monerodice Settings

The dashboard also supports APIs and two-factor authentication. You can secure your Monero wallet on your mobile device by using Google Authenticator app. If you don’t know about the working of the authenticator, you can visit the Monerodice webpage that has detailed information about its working.

Deposit & Withdraw Monero Section

Currencies & Fees

According to the name of the site, it uses Monero as a cryptocurrency. But, you can also use other cryptocurrencies for making deposits. In like manner, you can withdraw your Monero gambling win in any cryptocurrency you want, supported by MoneroDice.

The deposits and withdrawals depend upon wallet-to-wallet. Similar to other cryptocurrency gaming apps, there’s address on which you can send the deposits. The system process is same for withdraws. All you need to do is, enter wallet address and your winning will be sent to you.

Before the deposits get reflected in your account, two confirmations will be needed. For withdrawing your wins, it will take around fifteen minutes, as they are manually processed. MoneroDice Gambling is not limited to Monero coin. You can play using other cryptocurrencies also.

MoneroDice merged shapeshift with its wallet system. Because of this, Monero coin wallets can also accept alt-coin deposits:

  • Bitcoins
  • Emercoin
  • Vertcoin
  • Dash
  • Mintcoin
  • Startcoin
  • Ripple
  • Clamcoin
  • Digixdao
  • Nubits
  • Storjoin
  • Counterparty
  • Peercoin, and much more

MoneroDice Alt Coin Options

ShapeShift is a third party, so you have to pay some fees for having conversions. If you want to know more about Monero price, go to the about us page of ShapeShift and then to bottom to see the fees schedule for every cryptocurrency it supports.

Casino Experience

MoneroDice Software Provider, System Provider & Games Available

MoneroDice makes utilization of its exclusive programming software that makes for a provably fair game. The site also has a detailed description regarding nitty gritty introduction on the idea of provably fair gaming with regards to MoneroDice. Visit the page for the points of interest on the techniques for confirming the reasonableness of the MoneroDice diversion.

It is a bot friendly game, with an API which allows you to edit your bot. To know more about the MoneroDice JSON-based API, visit the API Docs page to use more advanced and extended playing mechanism for dice gaming.

monerodice mobile view

There’s only one game, which is a dice game and is similar to other dice games. For playing the game, first, enter the Monero Betting amount and change any of the following fields:-

  • Multiplayer
  • Winning Chances
  • Return on Win

When you do change these variables, the other variable will automatically get adjusted. After that, make the selection if you think that the outcome will be less or more concerning the number is shown in the yellow box. It will also get automatically adjusted when you will change the values of Return to win, a chance of winning, multiplayer. The winning amount will be indicated on the bottom of the game interface. By switching to the advanced interface, you will get an Auto-Bet function with which, you can arrange the dice rolls and decide your bets upon losing and winning.

By introducing some animation, the game can be made different from other dice gaming sites, but still, it is enjoyable. For running this game, your system must support JAVAScript. It is not a Flash-based game, so you can run it on any browser you want to.

It is compatible with every mobile device. The user-interface of the game is very attractive and is very responsive. However, it does not provide the gaming app for Windows, iOS, tablets, and Android. But, you can enjoy the game in mobile by playing it on a browser. As compared to other Bitcoin mobile casino gaming sites, the gaming experience of MoneroDice is much better.

User Benefits

Bonus, Promotions, Affiliation Program & Player Support

In comparison to other gambling sites, MoneroDice does not offer any bonuses. There’s no deposit bonus, reload bonus or sign up bonus. Also, the site does not provide any VIP rewards and programs. Most of the dice gambling sites offer bitcoin faucet, but MoneroDice doesn’t have that either. Also, you need to deposit playing the game. On the top of it, MoneroDice also not have an affiliate program.

The only thing that MoneroDice offers is a chance for investing in the site. On the top right corner of the website, there’s an invest button to bankroll the game. The website gets 10% of the profit of the investments, and the rest of the benefit is divided among the people who invested in the site.

It also has a bug discovery program through which, you can report to he MoneroDice admin in case you find the bugs on the site. The email id where you can report is Bug discovery reward is not detailed on the site, but it is likely to be based on the severity level of the bug you will find.

Players Support of MoneroDice is given via email. You can discuss your questions, or other concerns by sending an email to It is the best way to get in contact with MoneroDice. There are no social media accounts and discussion board for the game. In the chat section, you can have a conversation with other players around the world.

Security Feature

For securing the Monero deposits by players, MoneroDice makes utilization of an offline wallet to store the greater part of the player’s Monero. A hot wallet is kept up and subsidized with merely the whole sum essential to deliver the everyday needs of the site.

Monerodice Security Features

With regards to security, the MoneroDice site is sufficiently secure. Not at all like numerous other single-amusement betting website games, MoneroDice veers far from the one of a kind URL no-enrollment setup. Rather, it enables players to get the typical username and secret word secured client accounts without making it troublesome and repetitive to join. A PIN code is set amid the record enlistment process for included insurance amid withdrawals. Moreover, two-factor validation can likewise be empowered to ensure accounts additionally.



  • The site is mobile friendly
  • It is very simple game, with a user-friendly interface
  • In addition to Moreno’s, it also accepts other cryptocurrencies
  • Because of its provably fair game characteristic, the site is guaranteeing that it is safe and fair gambling
  • The betting mechanism of MoneroDice is very simple and easily understandable.


  • There’s no bonus given to the players, and site doesn’t have any VIP program, and promotions
  • You can contact the player support team via email only
  • There is also no bitcoin faucet on MoneroDice
  • The developers do not provide any Monero Android app for smartphones

How to Use Minergate Monero Mining 2018

Welcome to this tutorial and review on how to use the Minergate mining pool to mine Monero. The following topics will be discussed throughout the tutorial:

  • Explanation of what mining is, including how it works on your computer versus how the pool works and why you should use the pool
  • How to start mining Monero using Minergate
  • How to withdraw your mined Monero to a wallet
  • Other Minergate info that may interest you, like special offers or promos
  • Pros/Cons of using Minergate

What is mining? How do pools work?

When you “mine” any cryptocurrency, all that means is that your computer is using some kind of mining program to solve complicated mathematical equations. When your computer completes one of these calculations, that is called a hash. The hashes that your computer generates are possible solutions to what the hash value(unique identifier) of the next block on the blockchain is. A block is just a collection of transactions and some data about those transactions and the block itself, such as the date or time the block was mined. This is where the money comes in. If you or your mining pool finds the hash solution for the next block in the chain, then you get paid the block reward! The current block reward at time of writing is around 6 XMR (XMR is the ticker for Monero), but the block reward goes down over time until it reaches a set amount (.3) in a few years to prevent too much inflation.

In the paragraph above, I mentioned that if you OR your pool finds the block solution, you get the reward. It is possible to mine by yourself, and if you find the solution then you get to keep all of that Monero. The reason that not many people do that is that unless you have a lot of hashing power (hashes per second, aka hashrate) it is highly unlikely that you will find the solution. This is why you join a pool!

When you join a pool, you send your hash results directly to the pools servers, along with all of the other miners connected to the pool. When everyone pools their resources like that, it becomes likelier that the pool as a whole will find a valid solution. If they do, you get paid based on how many valid shares you sent to the pool since the last block was found!

Shares are calculated based on a payment algorithm that takes into account how many hashes you send, the difficulty you send them at, and whether they could be valid solutions or not. This basically all means that mining on a pool gives you a higher chance that you will earn some Monero, but it will only be in small amounts at a time.

That may not sound great, but it really is the most efficient way to mine unless you have extremely large amounts of hashing power(hundreds of thousands of hashes per second).

What you need to get started–

You have to first ask yourself this question: How good is my computer at mining? There are lots of different algorithms that different cryptocurrencies use to mine. Monero specifically uses Cryptonight, which is ASIC-resistant (an ASIC is a cost-efficient, extremely effective piece of mining hardware) which just means that it is still somewhat profitable to use your CPU to mine if that is your only option.

As with most coins, it is more effective to mine Monero with your GPU (Graphics card) as long as you have a Nvidia or AMD GPU. Read more about the Top 5 Best Monero GPU cards for 2018. Usually, AMD cards are better at mining Monero, so if you have one of those you are in good shape. But it all depends on the type of card for both brands, they all get different hashrates. A good website to use to see what hashrate your hardware will get is They have both CPU and GPU hashrate reports and it is all easily searchable.

Aside from hardware, software can play a part in your mining capabilities as well. The easiest operating system to mine on is Windows 10. It requires little setup to start mining and gets better hashrates than windows 7 or 8 by default most of the time. Using Linux to mine can be more effective since you use your resources more efficiently, but can be more difficult to set up correctly. In both OSes, there may be other settings that you can change to increase mining speeds that most people don’t even know exist, some of these are even dangerous to mess with if you don’t know what you are doing. The more computer literate you are, the better you may be able to get your hashrate if you do it right. That being said, anybody who has a computer should still be able to follow this guide to setup a basic miner and start mining Monero.

Minergate – the Beginner’s Tool

When you first arrive at, you should see a screen that looks like this:

Minergate Getting Started Homepage

If you do not speak English, the website is available in a variety of languages. You can switch your site language by clicking the dropdown with the country flag on it at the top of the screen. Here is a screenshot that shows how to do that, and what languages are available:

Monero Minergate Language Options

Once you have selected your language (if applicable) then you can hit the sign up button in the top right corner. Once you have signed up with your desired username(email) and password, it will take you to this downloads screen:

Minergate Sign up Screen

I am using Windows 7×64, but the website should detect whatever operating system you are using and give you the proper download link. Make sure you pick the right version! An x64 miner won’t work on an x32 system, and possibly vice versa. This tutorial is for the GUI Miner because it is easiest for beginners to use, however, Minergate does offer a cli (command line interface) miner program as well. It is harder to use than the GUI (graphical user interface) for beginners, but more advanced miners may want to consider it.

After you download/run the installer and open the application, it should look like this:

Minergate Application

At this point, you can either just enter your email and hit start mining, or you can choose an extended mode and give it your password as well to get access to your wallet in the client. There is also that proxy settings button at the bottom, most people don’t need to use that. If you think you do need it, then you probably already know how to use it!

Once you have logged in, you will most likely see a screen that looks something like this:

Minergate Start Mining Home Page

You could just hit start mining here, but if you only want to mine Monero, then you have to disable the other currencies that Minergate can mine first. Click on the View Tab on the top of the screen, and you will see this dropdown box:

Disable Minergate Currencies

As you can see, there a bunch of currencies that are not Monero that have their checkboxes checked. You will want to uncheck all of them except for Monero (XMR), then you can start to mine! You can either go back to the smart miner page and hit start mining, and it will look like this:

Minergate Activation Complete

From there you can change how many CPU cores you want to use in the CPU miner. It will also show you some other useful info about your mining, like how many shares you have submitted, the difficulty, your unconfirmed balance (the Monero that Minergate owes you, but first a certain number of blocks have to be verified before you can withdraw the unconfirmed balance) the payment method, and the dual mined coin if applicable. The smart miner will choose all the settings for you. If you want to do it manually, click on the Miner tab, and it will look something like this:

Minergate Settings

At this point, you can choose the number of cores, and what coin (or no coin) to use for merged mining. Once you choose the settings hit start mining and it will look like this:

Minergate Cores

If you want to use the Minergate miner program, but not the Minergate pool (for whatever reason), you can go back into the view tab and make sure that the “Show other pools” box is checked. Once you do that, click on the Other Pools tab and it will look like this:

Register for Minergate Program Only

From this screen, you can choose the display name of the pool (only visible to you, you can give a display name of whatever you’d like) the Pool URL (also sometimes known as the Stratum Address), and the pool login/password if applicable, this is usually just “x” (the program will sign in with your wallet address automatically, from what I can tell you are never allowed to see your own wallet address) and hit add pool. If it works, it will look like this:

Minergate how to add a pool

Then you can just click start mining to mine on that pool!

After you have mined for a while, and you are ready to withdraw your balance to a real wallet, or an exchange, or wherever, just click on the wallet tab to get to this screen:

Minergate Withdraw Monero

Be careful here, if you hit that show all button on the left side, you are going to have to go to the view tab and uncheck all the other currencies again.

From this screen, you can see your confirmed balance as the top number in black, and your unconfirmed balance in grey below that. The difference between confirmed balance and unconfirmed is that for your unconfirmed balance to become confirmed, it has to be ensured that the block containing the transactions that owes you that Monero doesn’t get orphaned (orphaned is basically when the chain changes direction or another block gets verified at like the exact same time, so one of them “loses” and becomes orphaned. Its relatively rare though) so basically it just takes time. After a certain number of blocks/block confirmations (Minergate doesn’t seem to advertise the number of blocks it takes, but for most pools, it is 60) then your unconfirmed balance should be confirmed, and you can begin the withdrawal process. To do so, click the blue withdraw button.

Here, you can choose the amount to send, the address to send it to, and the optional payment ID field. I’ve sent Monero without a Payment ID and had it go through, so it is truly optional. If you think you may need it, you may want to do more in-depth research on it to make sure you use it right. After you fill out the amount/address/ID, the Dynamic fee will be calculated. The dynamic fee is not just the network fee, it also includes all the fees that Minergate charges you for withdrawals. This means that if you think you have enough for a payout, you may not actually have enough because of transaction fees. The more XMR you withdraw at once though, the less overall transaction fees you will pay. So try and go for less frequent but bigger payouts to get the most out of your mining! Once you fill out all the info, put in your password to verify the withdrawal and hit the withdraw button.

You can also see on that screen that Minergate is from the makers of Changelly. You can use services like Changelly or ShapeShift if you want to turn your Monero that you mine into other coins, like Bitcoin. You can even send your coins directly to those conversion sites from your Minergate wallet!

That is just about all of the info you will need to start your basic mining setup with Minergate!

Miner Benefits/Other Features

Minergate has some other features as well, that not many people may know about or use! Some of these things are on their website, and some are right in the miner software.

We have already looked at a lot of screens within the software, so let’s finish that out first! If you click on the benchmark tab, you can see how well your computer will mine various computers compared to the average of all the computers people have benchmarked! Here are some screenshots of how it works:

Minergate benchmark scores

minergate benchmark total score

This tool can be useful to see what other coins you can mine if you ever decide to stop mining Monero. Other than that, it is just an extra thing that is nice to have.

Minergate also has an achievement system, that can be both fun and be rewarding to complete. They promise some sort of mystery reward if you get all the achievements! You can get to this screen by clicking on the achievement tab:

minergate achievement rewards

The last thing in the miner software that you’ll likely be clicking on is the support tab. When you click this, it opens up the Minergate FAQ/support page in your web browser.

You can search the FAQ here, and also submit a support request/question. Super useful if you need some extra help getting started!

As for other website features, there a bunch that some miners may be interested in! One of the best ones looks like the affiliate program, you can earn rewards for inviting your friends to mine with Minergate! This is what it looks like:

minergate invite friends

They also offer cloud mining services for if you want to rent someone else’s hardware to mine for you. The upfront cost is kind of high, but it may be worth it for your convenience if that is something you are interested in. Here’s what that screen looks like, you can pick how much hashrate you want and for what coin.

minergate renting equipment

If you are curious about what you may earn with your miner, or if you were to rent some hashrate, Minergate also has their own calculator! Just put in your hashrate, and for what algorithm (Monero uses Cryptonight), and it will tell you how much you can make!

For anyone who wants to get social while they mine, if you are logged in then you can participate in the Minergate chat from the homepage. Looks relatively active too!

minergate live chat

And lastly, they do have a link at the bottom of their website for a mobile version of the Minergate mining software! It looks like it may be Play store only, so no iPhone mining most likely. But it is there! Some phones can even get up to like 30-50 h/s!minergate android app

Overall Review of Minergate


  • Easy to download and setup for a beginner
  • Has a nice-looking User Interface (UI) compared to most miners which usually command line interface (CLI)
  • Lots of features, both on their website and in the mining software itself
  • Has a mobile mining app
  • Can mine multiple coins all at once, and can dual mine certain coins which can be more cost-effective for getting the most profit out of your resources
  • Can show or hide coins you do or don’t care about


  • Most of the Monero community hates Minergate because it has been reported to be possibly stealing part of your hashrate without telling you. More info here:
  • GPU Mining seems to be broken for some reason, which is where the real mining money comes in. So, it’s pretty bad that it doesn’t seem to work at all.
  • Even though you can add your own pool, it seems like if you start mining to some pools, it does not work at all. It is unclear if these pools are rejecting Minergate miners, or if Minergate is only giving you the illusion that you can pick your own pools.
  • The transaction/withdrawal fees are frankly way too high, it is kind of a rip-off
  • Some of their extra features advertised on their website seem a bit sketchy, smells like a scam most of the time
  • The miner itself seems to crash a lot, at least from my personal experience with testing it

In Conclusion

If you are an absolute beginner and you do not care at all about learning how to set up another miner, this is the program for you. It is very user-friendly, you can just install it and let it run. If you would like to get a little more involved and get the most out of your hardware, then you would probably be better off using another miner program. That choice is yours! Whatever you choose, hopefully, this has helped you learn how to use it and given you enough info to make an informed decision.

Livecoin Exchange – Buy and Sell Monero logo

Livecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides the service of many currency pairs, including Monero trading. Other trades range in altcoins and multiple fiat currency. founded in 2013, and its servers are in Metairie, Louisiana, in the United States. exchange reviews suggest that the best Monero trading is XMR/BTC and XMR/USD which are both offered on this platform.

Getting Started Registration

  • Open the new-tab in your browser and type Then press the enter key on your keyboard. opening an account
  • Click on “open account” or “open trade account” for opening the registration page.
    livecoin registration
  • Now, enter your user-name, password you want to set, your email id where you will receive a confirmation code, and the referral code, which is optional. Email verification letter
  • After agreeing to terms and conditions, press the continue button. Remember, the length of the user-name must be minimum 8, and the password length should be 12 characters minimally. The password must comprise of 1 small letter, one capital letter and one numeric character.
  • In case your password length is less than 12 characters or the correct numeric format, your account will not create and a warning message will be displayed. opening an account
  • After that, enter the confirmation code that you receive in your email-id that you entered on the registration page. verification page
  • Now press the confirm button. You will get successfully registered on Now you must move forward to the login page to start trading.
  • After logging into your account, you will be asked to generate the PIN to secure your transactions. Enter the four-digit PIN to do so. pin code

Monero Account Verification – Security Measures

For handling the transaction of cryptocurrencies or digital transactions, your Livecoin account verification should be done as quickly as possible. The process comprises of two levels or tiers, which can be completed in the security menu.

  • When you generate the PIN, your dashboard will display on the screen.
  • Go to the Account Menu at the top-right corner of the website, and go to security sub-menu.

livecoin account verification

Level 1 – Basic Account Verification

livecoin security level 1 verifcation

The Security panel of the account will get displayed. Level 1 comprises of basic security settings. To verify your account, go to “verification to restore access to your account” setting and click on “verify an account.” No matter what your account will notify you that it is yet to be verified.

an unverified account

Now, upload your image to continue with the verification process. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of this verification process. The resolution of the picture should not be less then 1920×1080 pixels. If you will try to upload the image less then given pixel density, it will automatically reject the image. After uploading the image, press the “Verify Account” button. Your application will get under review for further steps.

livecoin verification review

Level 2 – Advanced Security Verification

It is the advanced level security that works with the Google Authenticator and QR code scanner. You will be given your secret code and the Token code also, which you will use to scan to generate one-time Google Authenticator code.

livecoin advanced security level 2 verification

  • Click the “Continue” button to install new token.
  • Enter the confirmation code, which is sent to you already in your email with ID.
  • Then enter the 4-digit PIN code that you created after logging your account.
  • Enter the one-time password generated in the Google Authenticator App.
  • Now, press the “Continue” button to continue with the Livecoin exchange verification process.

Livecoin verification details Verification

The exchange verification process is necessary if you want to deposit your funds through bank transfer. But if you do not use bank transfer, then there’s no need of it.

There’s no explanation about the verification process on the website, but you can check it on Bitcointalk forum, uploaded by Livecoin customer service personnel. However, the Livecoin verification is required for the individuals planning to use bank transfers for placing deposits. It is not present publicly, and whenever the user tries to verify their account, they are redirected to contact page. Note that there’s no trading limit needed for verification.

Livecoin Notifications

Livecoin notifications

In the Account Menu, click the “Notification” bar for selecting your notification preferences. You can select the type of notifications, which you want to receive.

Livecoin Referral Program

Livecoin referral program

The site offers the opportunity for its users to generate income by getting new customers to join the Livecoin exchange platform. You will be given your referral link, code, and a banner achieve also. You can download banners of different sizes, and can also set up a customised widget for your website. Also, you must select the referral rate before enabling your referral link to work. The commission fees will get credit in your account until its time-period expires. offers some amazing bonuses for affiliates. The referral program can earn you as little as 10% permanently, to 20% and even 50% of what your referrals make on trades. A lot of money is to be made just by bringing people into the exchange.

How to Trade Monero – Start Trading XMR

Buying Monero (Buying XMR)

buy and sell monero button

The trading platform of is quite similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges. As compared to multi-asset trading platform, it does not offer too many features when it comes to analysis and charting tools. It is intuitive and easy to use and displays price chats, trading history, nice instrument list, and order book. You can see the graphical data for Livecoin Monero (XMR) in the following figure:

Live Monero Updates

  • For buying Monero, you need to click on “Buy/Sell” tab on the top-middle of the site. Then click on “trading” sub-menu.
  • Select the XMR in the left portion of the page. You can display the graph of XMR/USD or XMR/BTC as per your choice. The selling and buying of Monero boxes will change according to your choice.
  • In the “Buy XMR For BTC” or “Buy XMR for USD” box, fill the number of XMR you want to get for yourself. The price per XMR is already present in the box.
  • For buying XMR, the fees charges go up to 0.18%, which can vary according to volume trade. Monero FeesBuying XMR USD
  • The payable amount will be automatically displayed on the USD column, including fee percentage. The fees charge percentage is the same as that of BTC.
  • You can deposit or withdraw BTC, as per your choice.
  • The amount of USD or BTC you have will also get displayed in the bottom of the box.

Selling Monero (Selling XMR)

This will be the same process as above. However, you simply choose the selling option. The fees remain the same too. You will not be charged any differently when you sell versus buying.

selling xmr usd card

Selling xmr btc card

You can deposit or withdraw XMR, as per your choice. If you want to deposit Monero, then click on “Deposit XMR” button and proceed with the payment. In case you don’t have the PaymentID, then your transaction will not proceed. The XMR deposit will go through 10 confirmations on the Monero blockchain.

Monero Fees – Withdrawal Fees / Deposit Fees

There are multiple payment options available on the site such as Wire transfer, Payoneer, OkPay, etc. The deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies are free of any charges. But for fiat currencies, you must pay minimal transaction and even foreign fees.

Deposit Fees:

  • BTC-E Vouchers:-5% in EUR, 2.5% in RUR and USD
  • Payoneer- 7.5%
  • SWIFT or Wire Transfer- 10 EUR or 50 USD
  • OkPay- 1%

Withdrawal Fees:

  • SWIFT or Wire Transfer- 1.5%+9 US$ or 15 EUR
  • OkPay- 2.25% with minimum 0.1US$
  • net Card- 0.99 EUR or US$
  • PerfectMoney- 1% with 1US$ (minimum)
  • net- No Charge
  • Payeer- 1% Review

It is an incredible exchange portal with massive support and very few competitive fees. allows the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies that you can trade with different payment methods. The site also allows you to do bank transfers.

Be careful about the maintenance break, which we discovered while writing this review. A 5-minutes warning will appear on your screen instructing you to finish or abort any and all trades that are open. If you do not close the trade, you will be kicked off the site and it will not process. Only people who follow twitter may have known in advance:


  • The site offers support for Monero on two trading platforms, XMR/BTC and XMR/USD.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals made easy.
  • 2FA-authentification security and multiple confirmations in place to protect your funds.
  • As compared to its competitors, displays limit order, pending orders and regular market orders.
  • No withdrawal limits.
  • Incredible referral program with 10/20/50% bonus options
  • Social media options, including Facebook and Twitter


  • There are no mobile applications.
  • The website does not provide any information about the company.
  • The customer service is slow to respond to issues.
  • Maintenance is not permanently scheduled and you can randomly be kicked off the site.

FortuneJack Monero Accepting Casino Review

FortuneJack Logo

FortuneJack, one of the most popular Cryptocurrency casinos is the official home to Monero (XMR) gambling. Bettors with Monero coins and a Monero wallet are fortunate as they can immerse themselves in FortuneJack lucrative deals.

Fortunejack is a Monero casino that was established in 2014 and is owned by Nexus Group Enterprises Limited. The web platform is top notch with state of the art designs and graphics. Newbies, as well as existing players, will have an easy time navigating the platform. Once you log into the site everything thing is simply placed and easy to find.  If you want to indulge in slots games, dice or visit the promotions page, simply click on either on the menu bar, on the top part of the screen.

Once registered, you will have access to your user interface which encompasses Balance, Deposit, Withdrawal, My Account and Transactions. The user interface is easily structured and users will have an easy time navigating. This Monero platform is available in two languages English (Default) and Russian. Although players can transition from English to Russian it will be more advantageous if more languages will be added in the future.

Monero Betting

Monero betting is also available on the go. Bettors can indulge in their favorite games whenever and wherever they are. If you feel like playing at home or on your way to work you can do so, as the website is adaptable for the screen on a mobile device or tablet.

However, Monero Android or Monero iOS apps currently not available. This means that players will have to play from a web browser only, by simply typing in the FortuneJack address.

Players are often attracted to the games and promotions available on a platform however the issue of security is also top on their list. Questions like is the platform legit or are the transaction safe and secure will always arise. This platform is licensed and regulated by the laws of Curacao, one of the well-known gambling regulators in the gambling industry. So is the platform legal? Yes, it is.

FortuneJack is an impressive Monero casino and players will love it. However, players from various restricted jurisdictions cannot participate in any of the activities featured on the site. Although the site does not mention any restricted counties, it strongly urges players to be aware of the restriction put forth by their country laws.

How to Get Started with Monero Bets
FortuneJack How To Register

Monero betting has never been this easy. If you want to indulge in Monero anonymous gambling in a matter of seconds, simply create an account at FortuneJack online casino. The registration process requires a few simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Join Now” at the top right corner of the screen
  • Fill in the required fields, Username, Email Address, Country, and Password.
  • Click on “I’m not a robot” as well as accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally hit REGISTER and you will be automatically logged in.

Being an anonymous platform you will wonder why they would require your email address. The email field is optional, however, it will be of importance especially when you lose your password and you need to recover it. Monero privacy remains with the coin alone, not the gambling platform of FortuneJack. With that in mind, the registration process will still not be complete until you fill in your email address. Begging the question why would the site claim Email is optional? When it comes to a username the field does not require you to use your original names.

How to Deposit and Withdraw

Depositing Monero FortuneJack Casino

FortuneJack is revolutionizing online Cryptocurrency gambling, it supports some of the top currencies besides Monero (XMR): including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (XDG), ZCash (ZEC), and Dash. Bitcoin remains the default currency which you can switch from anytime to your preferred currency.

If you want to deposit some Monero coins into your FortuneJack account, you can do so by clicking on “Quick Deposit” or “My Account” then Deposit. On the deposit page, you will be given various alternatives including a Monero Coin Wallet address or scan the QR code. There is no maximum or minimum amount stipulated on the website. However, in the case of withdrawal, the minimum amount is 0.11XMR or the equivalent of 0.002BTC. In addition, there is no assigned fee stipulated on the site. However, the site reserves the right to charge assigned fees for processing the withdrawal.

A point to note that the website sets all their fees and explanations of payment based on Bitcoin, however, with the Monero coin cap continuing to thrive at the time of writing this review, the hope is for the casino to add the additional currencies in the fees table.

FortuneJack Casino Experience
FortuneJack games

It is no secret that FortuneJack is one of the top brands in the market and has some state of the art features and a good collection of games. This Monero online gaming platform has a team of well known software and gaming providers who ensure the platform maintains its status. The platform works with software providers like Microgaming, iSoftBet, Endorphina, Amatic, Pragmatic Play, Gameart, BetSoft, Tomhorn, Playson and Booming Games.

When it comes to game selection players will have a thrill, the platform consists of a variety of games including Dice, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and poker. The website claims to have over 1500 games available at all times. In addition, players can indulge in live betting, with games like Roulette, Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, and Dragon Tiger. Slots games are also in plenty like Emperors Wealth, Love Guru, Panda’s Fortune and Santa.

Something also worth noting is that the games are Provably Fair, meaning that players are at liberty to verify the fairness of each game before playing. On top of having a reliable gaming platform players are also advised players to play responsibly since the games are meant to fun and not the start of an addiction.

Monero Benefits
Fortunejack bonuses

Nothing beats an automatic 110% deposit bonus! FortuneJack knows how to entice its clients with some very lucrative bonuses and promotions. Traditionally, online gaming platform use bonuses and promotional offers to attract its players and FortuneJack is no exception. In fact, it has some of the most exclusive offers on the market. There are plenty of offers for newbies and existing players. First-time sign-up bonus offers include 110% on up to 1.5BTC and 250 free spins, while Mid-week Dice Madness with 7 consecutive rolls and cash in up to €5,000 with iSoftbet’s.

Another feature worth your time is the Affiliate program. The more depositing people you refer the more your commissions will increase and the more money you will get. For example 0-19 people equals 20% commission, 20-39 people is 25%, 40-59 people is 35% and 60 plus people equals 50% commission, with no revenue minimums. All affiliate payments are Bitcoin but can be turned into Monero deposits.

FortuneJack customer support is very important and made up of a very competent team of professionals who are at your disposal 24/7. To get hold of the team, you can do so by Email (, or by clicking on “Contact Us” at the bottom part of the screen. In addition if you have any complaint regarding the Payment, Software, Deposit, Accounts, Bonuses or any other issue simply click on “Complaints”.


FortuneJack is a very exciting Monero casino with a collection of enticing features. The platform is user-friendly and players will enjoy the collection of games featured. In addition, there are lots of exclusive deals to benefit from.


  • Available in the United States
  • The interface is adaptable for mobile devices and tablet screens
  • Up to 50% commission can be made over time with the Affiliate Program
  • Good choice of games that are all Provably Fair


  • No Monero Android or iOS apps for gaming
  • Players with restricted jurisdictions cannot participate
  • Players can be charged assigned fees for processing the withdrawal
  • All wagers requirements for bonuses must be met before making a withdrawal