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HitBTC is a European Bitcoin exchange and one of the most advanced exchange portal in the world. It offers 0.1% fees for every trade you make. You can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, etc. and current fiat currencies such as USD, EUR. HitBTC.com provides cryptocurrency trading services to merchants, individual traders, and institutions worldwide. The HitBTC exchange review will cover every aspect of this exchange portal functionality:

Get Started HitBTC.com

This portion will include the points about how to register and login to your HitBTC.com account:

HitBTC Register & Login

Open a new tab and type hitbtc.com, and press the enter key. The following window will open on your computer screen:

getting started hitbtc

Click the “Register” Button, which is displayed in red color.

Now insert the email-id and password to register your account on HitBTC.com.

hitbtc sign in

The password should be at least of 6-characters and must comprise of one lower case, one uppercase letter and one number in it. After clicking the “Register” button, you’ll receive an email on the ID, on which you registered your HitBTC.com account.

hitbtc email verification

Click the blue link, it will take you to the HitBTC.com home-page. Now, enter your email and password to sign-in into your account. You can even click the “Sign in” button for HitBTC login.

hitbtc exchange page

You can even change the language from English to Chinese, by clicking on the Language Menu on the right-side of “Sign In” button.

Also, you can change the night mode to light mode.

hitcbtc night mode

HitBTC.com Terminal

After signing-in into your account, HitBTC.com terminal will open, which will comprise of following menu items:





System Health

HitBTC.com Settings

Click the “Setting” icon, right next to deposit button. The following window will appear:

hitbtc promo codes

General Settings

In the general settings, you can do basic settings of your profile like a setting-up nickname, change your time zone and then enter your password to confirm changes.

You can also redeem the promo code if you have any.


Click the “Security” menu to set-up the security of your account.

You can change your current password and also set the two-factor authentication for enhancing the security of your account.

hitbtc security


Thanks to HitBTC.com API’s, it is now known as one of the most user-friendly portals for the people who use trade bots.

Click the “API Keys” tabs, and then click “New API key” button.

Your HitBTC API Key will get automatically generated.

You can add multiple API keys here.

hitbtc api

Account Verification

You can upgrade your Verified status in advance by sending an email to compliance@hitbtc.com.

Your email must contain the following information:

Personal information such as name, surname, date, and country of birth.

Address details which should include, country, city, postal code, region (optional), street address.

Bank account information. It will cover bank name, IBAN/Account number, BIC/SWIFT code.

Other supporting documents such as identity proof, residence proof, and bank account ownership proof. All these documents should be color copies.

Make sure that your scans or photos meet the following requirements:

Documents must be valid from the date of issue.

Both sides of photos or scans must be uploaded.

The scanned images must be colored and of high resolution, minimum 200 dpi.

Supported formats are gif, pdf, jpg, and png.

The file size must not exceed 10mb.

Photos or scan must not be older than three months.

Issued documents must be in Latin alphabets or must contain Latin transliteration of main fields.

For Identity Document, you can choose any of the following:

National Passport (Double Page) or National ID card (both sides).

Driving Licence

International Passport

You can chosse any of the following document as your residence proof:

Bank Statement

Utility Bill

Council Tax or Tax return

Electricity Bill

For Bank Account Ownership proof, give any of the following details:

Original letter from your bank

Your bank account statement

Note that for giving your bank account proof, you are not allowed to give screenshots or the electronic documents. It should be paper-based and must be drafted on bank letterhead.

HitBTC Affiliate Program

The HitBTC.com affiliate program comprises of making rewards via your custom links. You can make up to 75% of reward from the trading fees of your friends who will use your referral links.

You can share your link on various social media platform.

hitbtc affiliate program

HitBTC XMR Trading Platform

To begin with, HitBTC.com trading mechanism, follow the given steps:-

Click the “Account” or “Deposit” Menu on the home page.

Search for the XMR in the search bar.

hitbtc xmr trading platform

Now, to begin with HitBTC deposit, click the “Deposit” Icon to credit your account with Monero. You can copy the wallet address, or scan the QR code. Use this code to deposit Monero.

hitbtc deposit qr code

If you want to withdraw Monero, then click the “Withdraw” tab.

Fill the amount you want to withdraw, wallet address and the Payment ID.

Then Click “Withdraw” button.

hitbtc withdraw xmr

HitBTC.com Reports

This section will comprise of the reports of your account summary, orders, trades and payment history.

You can generate a report on monthly, weekly, yesterday, or on a present day basis.

Let us assum you want the report of XMR trading. Click the “My Orders” tab and in market section, search for XMR. The details of XMR will get displayed.

HitBTC.com Customer Support Center

Click the “Support Center” menu at the bottom of the homepage.

The page will comprise of some frequently asked questions that users ask from the HitBTC.com team. If you are unable to find your answer, then scroll down the page and click the “Submit a new request” button.

Now, fill the following details:

Your Email Address

Subject of your query

Description of your request

Attach a file if any

Click the Submit Button.

HitBTC.com Monero Trading

The exchange fees for making a trade of XMR/BTC, XMR/ETH, and XMR/USDT is 0.1%, and the rebate amount is 0.01%. If you want to know about how to trade on HitBTC, then here’s a quite guide for you:

To begin with, Monero exchange, Go to the Exchange tab and search for XMR in the search bar.

You can trade XMR with only BTC, ETH and USDT. It is not available with ICO.

hitbtc trade xmr

Say you go with XMR/BTC. Now, go to the Buy or Sell XMR section. They will comprise of Market, Limit, and Scaled order section.

Let us say you go with Limit order section with XMR/BTC trading for buying XMR.

In the Limit Order section (Buy XMR), select the desired option from the drop-down menu. It will comprise of the following options:-






Fill the total amount of XMR you want to buy in the “Amount” text bar.

Set the price.

The total amount of Monero you’ll get will be automatically calculated.

Click the “Buy Limit” button.

Follow the same steps if you want to sell XMR for BTC.


For making an exchange with “Market” order tab, let us go with XMR/ETH trade and want to Sell XMR for ETH.

Select the “Stop” option, if you want to set the stop price.

Fill the amount you want to sell.

hitbtc example xmr trade

Now, set the stop price in case you selected “Stop” option.

Click the “Sell Stop” button.

The approximate ETH amount that you will receive after selling will be shown above “Sell Stop” button.

Follow the same steps for buying XMR.


Click the USDT tab for making XMR/USDT trade.

Go to the “Buy XMR” section and click on “Scaled” tab.

There’s a settings icon. Click on it and select any choice you want to begin your trade with.

Now, set the XMR amount you want to buy.

Set the price step, minimum and maximum price.

The order count will get automatically calculated.

Click the “Buy Scaled” button.


HitBTC.com is a popular XMR exchange with unique features that make it compatible with trade/ exchange of FIAT and cryptocurrency. Some of the popular features of the website support for FIX protocol and capability of opening demo trading account. It allows you to test the trading features without damaging your wallet. Additionally, the HitBTC.com company does not accept FIAT currency transfers made by average traders.


  • The trading platform of HitBTC.com is user-friendly and easy to handle.
  • It provides support to a maximum number of altcoins available.
  • The commission structure is very competitive.
  • There are specific advanced tools for trading XMR.
  • Trading volume is very high.
  • There’s also HitBTC Android App for smartphones on play store.


  • So much information is required for HitBTC.com account verification.
  • Exchanging portal for Novice traders is difficult and also not support credit cards payment.
  • It was hacked back in 2016.
  • There’s not much information about the company.
  • It does not accept fiat currency transfers from many traders.
  • There are reports of negative HitBTC reviews.

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