Fairproof Monero Accepting Casino Review

Contrary to popular belief, the thing that unites nearly all online casinos are not the cards, roulette, or even fun – but rather it’s the atmosphere. The average digital gambling site looks and feels like the kind of seedy place you’d be caught hanging out at after a particularly rough mid-life crisis.

Monero casinos (and other cryptocurrency casinos), of course, are no exception. Fairproof, however, seems to be trying to buck the trend.

Fairproof is an online Monero betting site that also accepts the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Darknote, Bytecoin and Dogecoin. The site itself, no joke looks like it was made for the 21st century is apparently a very hard standard to meet.  In a very literal sense, it’s one of the few sites I’ve seen that looks like it was made to gamble cryptocurrency in 2017. While most sites have the aesthetic of a site for buying the cheap knock-off Beanie Babies, Fairproof is easy on the eyes, and it loads as quick as the cryptocurrencies you load onto it.

However, using the site on mobile leaves a bit to be desired.  The site just tries to render as would on the desktop site.  Good luck reading the text if you zoom out enough to see the whole page.  While it works okay, there are certainly better Monero Android or iPhone experiences.  The site is available in both English and Chinese.

Fairproof was founded in 2013, but not much other information about the owners of the site is available.  The Terms of Service is the standard “At your own risk, zero responsibility” gobbledegoop we’ve come to expect from software over the years, but they promise provably fair games.

Fairproof Registration and Getting Started

Fairproof provably fair front page

“The simplest provably fair bitcoin, dogecoin, bytecoin, darknote, monero lottery with no registration.”  I’m not sure how I feel about the “no registration” bit, but I’m sure that’s a selling point for some of you.  You know who you are.

As can be seen above, there is no account registration for using Fairproof.  As such, there are no country restrictions! Not that any of you dear readers are anything other than the most law-abiding citizens, so I’m sure that doesn’t make a difference.  The site uses cookies to track your earnings, so keep that in mind.  You can return to the site with a permanent link.  There is no way to set a password, so you have to be sure to store your permanent link somewhere safe.  This seems to be a design decision to prioritize anonymity at the expense of security.  Monero anonymity is already unparalleled within the crypto community, so if you’re already a Monero user, the extra anonymity afforded by Fairproof is unnecessary.  Users of other cryptocurrencies may still find it useful, though.

Fairproof Deposits

Fairproof Deposits

Serve this image above as a warning: And to think, I thought we’d get through the entire site without finding any Chinglish.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  Your addresses will be different, so don’t send anything to the addresses in the screenshot.

Depositing money into the wallet is a painless experience, and you can deposit a variety of coins. To deposit Monero, just send coins from your personal Monero coin wallet to the Monero wallet address on the deposit section of the site.  This holds true for any of the other cryptocurrencies accepted on Fairproof. Just send the coins to the addresses and you’re ready to play.  The circled bit in the screenshot above is hard to make out, but it seems to be a poorly worded warning that your accounts will be swept if you’re inactive for more than one month.

Fairproof Games

Fairproof Game

The first of the three games available on Fairproof is a 0-99 lottery game.  The game is simple.  You choose whether you believe the number selected in the lottery is going to be higher or lower than a number that you select, and set your bet.  For example, if you were to choose the number 79, you would have just under a 20% chance of winning on choosing “higher,” compared to 80% chance of winning on choosing “lower” (Of course, if the number 79 were selected, it would make for an automatic loss.)  The payouts change accordingly depending on the probabilities, and the house fee goes up the higher the payout is.

The server seed hash and the client seed above are for the proof of fairness algorithm.  You paste the seeds on the linked third-party site, and they will return the same result you received from your bet.

fairproof all bets page

Each of the games has a public ledger containing all of the recent bets.  Poland seems particularly fond of Fairproof.

fairproof guess a card game

Playing cards on a computer always seemed silly to me, but then again, so did cryptocurrency, so what do I know?

The next game available on Fairproof is the “Guess-a-card game with no card tricksters.”  I’m not going to pretend like I know what a card trickster is.  It’s probably more Chinglish.  Regardless, this game is straightforward.  Just pick a few cards, and enter your bet.  This game has a house fee, as before.

fairproof set your bets

For some reason, this digital-timer-looking roulette wheel seems less seedy than a typical roulette wheel.

The third and final game offered by Fairproof is a roulette game. Just pick your numbers, set your bet, and spin away!  It’s worth noting that this is the only game on Fairproof that doesn’t take a house fee.

Fairproof Bonuses and Promotions

Fairproof deposit bonuses

All of the available bonuses on Fairproof are current (December 2017) Monero price, 0.3 BTC is about 14 Monero.

The bonuses are all standard fare.  There’s a free one-time 0.001 BTC bonus, a 2x deposit bonus (with a 0.5 BTC limit), and a “Bad Luck Bonus” (Essentially, a 20% refund) for those who are talented enough to lose an entire Bitcoin.  The last two bonuses, unfortunately, require 36x your deposit to be put in bets before withdrawal, which seems disproportionately high.

Fairproof Affiliate Program

fairproof affiliate program

This affiliate program is so enticing that I was barely able to resist the urge to plug my own affiliate link. Please understand from the beginning, however, that while this is a Monero accepting casino, the Fairproof affiliate program pays its shares in bitcoin only.

The bonuses mentioned earlier pale in comparison to the Fairproof Affiliate Program.  50% of profits for everyone that you send to the site sounds more lucrative than actually betting on the site.

Fairproof Conclusion

All-in-all, I was impressed with Fairproof. While the game selection is limited, the UI is everything I could ask for, and the proof of fairness is easy to check, even for people who aren’t particularly computer-literate.  The affiliate system is phenomenal, and the lack of registration means it’s easy to jump in and start playing.  I would appreciate a greater variety in the coin selection, but as someone who primarily uses Monero, this is a small gripe.


  • Fast, easy-to-use interface that is easy on the eyes and no registration
  • Effortless proof of fairness algorithm
  • Very lucrative affiliate system
  • Non-existent registration system means complete anonymity


  • Limited selection of games
  • Somewhat strange coin selection (They accept Dogecoin for instance but not Litecoin?)
  • Very high deposit requirements for redeeming bonuses
  • Non-existent registration system means you can’t set a password to protect your account

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