Crypto-Games Monero Accepting Casino Review

If you’re looking for Monero gambling sites, then Crypto-games is just the thing for you. Monero betting on Crypto-games is easy but before anything else, ensure you have a Monero coin wallet, because most of you only have Bitcoin wallets.

Launched in May 2014  by IT programmers and Systems Engineers who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it originally started with slot machine games in that exclusively used Dogecoin. After a few months, they added more popular currencies so they changed to Monero is one of those currencies that they added, and now at over $5B, the Monero coin cap seems to be a good decision to have added it to their portfolio. Crypto-games accepts Monero easily. It is one of the many cryptocurrency online casinos that focuses on coins. Soon, they begin to offer other games as well, and in May of this year just added Plinko to the roster.

It is easy to navigate around the casino because of its straightforward design. When you click on Play Now, it takes you to your dashboard. But if you are wondering how to sign up, you can read below on how to get you started because this is where a bit of complication starts. We suggest you read the FAQs and Terms of Service before starting because that would make all the difference. The site is in English only but the Chat Service has an International section if you do not speak English.

On the other hand, you will be happy to know that Crypto-games’ Monero android works fine without any lag at all. It is best that if you go mobile, a bigger screen will help in the experience.

crypto games mobile home page

If you’re using a small screen phone, you will have a difficult time tapping on the buttons. We had to zoom in on the Chat Box to tap it correctly.

crypto games small playing screen for the mobile device

It  is important to note as well before getting excited, to ensure you are not in any of the restricted countries: Belgium, Curacao, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hongkong, Israel, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United States, United States, Territories, United Kingdom, Australia, and/or restricted by law countries. In addition, if you know that your country prohibits online gambling but is not listed here and got caught, the casino is not liable for you. So exercise caution before proceeding.

As for privacy, Crypto-games collects your IP date to prevent multiple account holding. However, don’t expect a Monero anonymity type, because you will later find out that you will need to provide an email address to keep your account secure. As per their Terms of Service, they do not share this info with 3rd party services.

Finally, as far as their terms and services in their website shows, they are not regulated by any country gambling commission like what you read on regular casinos. Some of them either have licenses in Curacao, UK, Belgium and the like. When playing, the agreement is between you and Crypto-games. This is not to say that they are not a legal online gambling site. They make up for this by using systems that provide transparency such as the Provably Fair system, which you will find out as you read through our review.

How to Get Started

If you are thinking of gambling with your Monero, then is one that you can consider.

Play now crypto games

When you click on the Play Now button, it will take you to a dashboard.

crypto games dashboard

When you try to click on log in thinking this is where you create your account, you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t it.

So we went to Settings to figure things out. Under the Account Tab, is an address.

crypto games account settings

On the next tab is the Security Tab. This is the part where you can key in an email address and password. We later found out on the FAQs page, that an email address is more of a preference rather than a requirement. However, it is a security feature, one which you should not ignore.

crypto games security settings

We finally received an email.

What happened here is that if you are used to creating an account on gambling sites, you will be at a lost on where to start in So, after much tinkering, we were able to figure things out while reading their FAQs. Not sure with the rest, but we only read the FAQs when we encounter problems, not before creating accounts.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Monero

To start playing, you need to Deposit your Monero coin under Your Account Tab on the upper right, drop down to Deposit. It is simple enough.

crypto games deposit menu

The first thing you will see is a Terms and Conditions page. All you need to do is click on I Agree once you have read through all of it. You might be tempted to skip on reading but we suggest you don’t and start reading. Gambling is a risk and a Monero casino is no different. Not knowing what you signed up for is more risk you can’t afford, to be honest.

crypto games terms and conditions

Once you understood the T&Cs and clicked on “I Agree”, it will show you your ID and Deposit Address. The minimum deposit is 0.01 Monero/XMR. It will also show you information on minimum deposit along with the warning that the Payment ID changes every hour. If you have not deposited by then, you will need to check on the ID once again to get your most recent one.

crypto games monero payment id

The next tab will show you your Payment History. The remaining tabs tell you about Monero and how to get them and Deposit addresses of different coins.

On the other hand, the Withdraw Page is located in the same place as the Deposit section.  The minimum Withdrawal is 0.12100000 XMR and transaction speed will depend on how much you are willing to pay the Withdrawal Fee. You will need to toggle on the Withdrawal Fee to do this. Key in the amount you want to withdraw, paste your Payment ID and your chosen Monero wallet and toggle on the Withdrawal Fee to find out the final amount you can withdraw when fees are already deducted. Then click on Payout. It will take two network confirmations to clear for payout.

crypto games withdrawal section

To track your Withdrawals, just go to the History Tab.

crypto games history tab

Mind you, you can buy Monero directly from trusted exchanges. However, you can also convert your Bitcoins to Monero using a conversion service. Crypto-games has a conversion service under the Exchange drop-down where Deposit and Withdrawal are also located, on the upper right portion.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC or altcoin equivalent and it needs 2 network confirmations to do so. Should you decide to use their conversion service, you will need to provide an email under Security in the Settings page. Use the drop-down to find the coins you want to convert. Aside from Monero, you can use Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Gridcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and Stratis. Coins have different minimum deposits and withdrawals.

crypto games conversion section

Before converting, check the conversion rates under the Exchange Rates tab. You can also use other Exchanges, with this you are not locked down or required to use their service and you can compare rates with other Exchanges. Check the Monero price on big exchanges to be sure. Rates are automatically refreshed.

The Casino Experience

Moving on, below is how your dashboard will look like. To bet Monero, click on “Change Game” on the upper left side. On it, you will see the different games and a drop down for each. Click on the arrow to see the different coins you can gamble with. Click on Monero.

selecting monero crypto games

You can play all the games with your Monero, except Lotto. Other games are Slots, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Plinko.

When you scroll below, you will see a stats-like chart that shows all players, all bets, the coins they are betting with, payouts, targets, roll, and profit. These are all moving because the chart shows real-time gambling, hence, the timestamps as well.

crypto games list

Just move on to the next tab labeled “Your Bets”, to keep track of your bets. The dashboard above shows the Dice game. We wanted to try Slots (our favorite!), to see how it looks like.

crypto games slots

Crypto-games uses the Provably Fair system for users to check the validity of results. If you are new to gambling and coin gambling, you will need to learn this first as part of mitigating risks, so to speak. It just means you should know how things work especially on how winnings and losses are determined. But that should always be the case whether you are gambling coins or regular fiat.

The Provably Fair system is a technology that aims for transparency on how wins and losses came to. It uses a cryptographic algorithm using a hash. The details for each game differs but in essence it is all the same. To explain:

  • Seed numbers are created by the casino, in this case, Crypto-games
  • This is then hashed and sent to the player
  • Player also creates seed
  • Betting ensues, result is determined, win or lose
  • At the end, player receives the seed used in the bet. Player can use this seed to verify using a SHA512 generator. The link to the generator is also in the Provably Fair tab for easy access.

Here is an example of what the Provably Fair tab looks like.

crypto games provably fair

On the other hand, Crypto-games also has the usual House Edge. Depending on the game you want to play, each game has a different House Edge, which determines a percentage that a casino would expect to retain on an average hand and play. You can check this out on the FAQs page.

Each game and player has their own possibilities. The percentages will change depending on skills and luck. While there is a House Edge, there is also the Payback Percentage. Slots players have a percentage of 49.73% chance of winning.

The User Benefits

Some of you are casual gamblers and others are serious ones. What is in it for you?


Crypto-games also have the Faucet system, where the amount is given to you or the number of Faucet you can request depends on your Level. The higher your level, the more Faucet. For a Baby player like us, we get a 0.00008000 XMR and 10 Faucet requests in in a span of 24 hours. You can request once every 3 minutes from a single IP address. Remember, in Crypto-games, your IP address is one of the factors that determine your ID. You can go to the Faucet Page in Your Account and click on Rewards.

You can check your level under the Faucet Level tab.

crypto games faucet level tab

We proceeded to request for our first Faucet. Notice the green line that says our requests have been added to our Account.

crypto games green faucet request

Referrals/Invite a Friend

For every friend you invite and have them successfully play, Crypto-games shares a portion of the House Edge with you. It differs per game. Currently, they share 25% on Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Plinko. For Dice, it’s also 25% for any bet made by the friend you referred.

To refer, make sure to use your referral link given on the Invite a Friend tab. Track your referrals on the same tab, you just need to scroll down.


The casino also gives out vouchers, so if you happen to come across one, you can use it to play.


The Casino usually has contests as well that involves In-chat Roll Games, where two people involved will play a game of their choice. If you rise to the leaderboard, you get a VIP Access Channel and a VIP tag. They do this on a monthly basis.

Seasonal Promotions

If you hang around their Bitcoin forum, there are games and promotions that you can catch there. They will give you rewards or giveaways for promoting the casino, 0% House Edge, signature campaigns, social media challenges and the like.

crypto games seasonal promotions


Crypto-games allow you to invest in the business, which is unusual because we have never seen one another do it before. But to openly encourage players to invest is quite a good strategy to get people some financial support. If you are a player, know that the online casino business is a billion dollar industry. You might want to cash in on it. Crypto-games said they share 70% of the profit to investors and retain the rest of operations.



  • House edge is below usual, which is good. Usual is 3-15% depending on the type of game. So far, the highest we have seen in a game in Crypto-games is 2.9% in Video Poker, still below the usual.
  • The high payout on Slots at 98.028% on all coin payouts. The industry standard or the usual in casinos range from 72 to 98%.
  • The lottery does not have a House Edge. Good for casual gamers, when all they want is to try their luck in a game of chance.
  • Busy promotions. There is always something going on for players. Although they have the usual loyalty rewards schemes, it is a plus to have seasonal or consistent promotional schemes in the forum. The signature campaigns are nothing new, nor are giveaways, but the continuous pattern adds to the appeal.
  • When your coin balance is zero, you can request for a tiny bit of help from the casino. They literally give you coins.


  • No registration required, except as a security backup. We understand the anonymity bit, but we think this is taking it to a different insecurity level. If you have an understanding of human habits, not many take the time to remember IDs with number except their social security, but even that is debatable. Gambling in itself is a risk, but gambling with just a single, forgettable way for players to identify and secure coins is increasing that risk further. This might work for programmers and people who have technical knowledge, but there are other gamblers who are not as adept at these things.
  • Very few games. One of the things that attract attention in Casinos is that it feels like a carnival with lots of things to do wherever you go. But Crypto-games only has 7 games compared to other casinos with more than a hundred games to choose from. Especially the Slots, where it is the norm to have multiple ones to provide choices. We think they are losing out on a piece of the Slot machine gamblers market here.
  • Bland design. While it may be Crypto-games’ objective to keep things clean when it comes to design, this might be a drawback. Casinos are always lively. We somehow miss the fanfare to get us excited to betting. All the aesthetics work somehow, especially when you only have 7 games to work on.
  • The chat function is confusing. Chat boxes are usually for support purposes, help desk functions. Turns out, it is not just for that. It is also an avenue where players can simply talk, exchange ideas, brag and whatnot. Not sure if you want to chat while focusing on your hands, but a Chat function for support is a must!
  • No Commission license. We might be veering away from the anonymity, privacy, deregulated and secure principle that cryptocurrency is known for, but when it comes to gambling, it adds to keep our minds at ease when it is somehow licensed with a gaming Commission like the usual casinos are.

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