Monerujo: Best Android Wallet App

Monerujo Mobile Wallet

Every Monero user was waiting for a scalable and easy accessible android wallet for quite a while. Well, Monerujo is a perfect choice and a worthy project to pay your attention on to. Also, it’s developers have introduced a new layout, which makes the app look more professional now. It also comprises of some additional features like restoring view-only wallet, and old wallet via private keys, etc.

Android mobile wallet

Also, you can access Monerujo on an android mobile device only. The wallet doesn’t work on computers, and even not in iOS devices. On the website, you will find some additional information about the project by clicking “Docs” menu. It will redirect to the github community that manages Monerujo coding. Here, people post the problems they are facing, and then it is resolved by the Monerujo developers.

Using Monerujo

With the rise in the demand of mobile cryptocurrency wallet, everyone is looking for safe and secure solutions. Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how you can use Monerujo Mobile App:

Installing App

In case of most of the cryptocurrency, its okay to have at least one mobile wallet. Whereas, in case of Monero, the story is a little bit different. It is because every wallet should be built from scratch, and the underlying codebase is more complex than any other cryptocurrency tackling anonymity and privacy. Monerujo apk is only available for Android users currently. For installing the Monerujo app:

  • Go to your Google Play Store and Search for “monerujo.”
  • Now download the app and install it on your mobile
  • Open the App for further processes

Monerujo Interface

When the app opens, you will see your “Node” address to which you are connected. It is used to communicate with Monero Network. By this, you don’t have to download and store a copy of the entire blockchain. Monerujo already comprises preset of remote nodes, and it remembers the last five nodes used by you.
Click the “+’ sign at the bottom of the screen. It will comprise of four options:

  • Create new Wallet
  • Restore View-Only Wallet
  • Restore Wallet from private keys
  • Restore Wallet 25 word seed

New Wallet Creation

  • Click on the “create new wallet” icon
  • Now, fill the following information:
    • “Wallet Name” that you want for storing your monero coins
    • Generate a “wallet password” for securing your wallet
    • Click on “Make me a Wallet already!” button
    • You will be redirected to your “Public Address” key, and 25 words “Mnemonic Seed.”
    • Note all the 25 words, and click “I Have Noted These 25 Words!” button
  • Your wallet will get created and will appear on a home screen of the wallet app

Restoring View-Only Wallet

  • Click the “restore view-only wallet” icon
  • Insert the following details:
    • Wallet Name
    • Insert the password
    • Add the Public Address key, and View key
    • Insert the resort height, and click on “Make me a wallet already!” button
  • Your wallet will get displayed on app home screen

Restoring Wallet via Private Keys

  • Click “restore wallet from private keys” icon
  • Now, insert the following Information:
    • Name of the Wallet
    • Wallet Password
    • Add the public Address Key, which is 95 characters long
    • Insert “View key” and “Spend key.” They are 64 characters in length
    • Mention restore height, and click “make me a wallet already!” button

Restoring Wallet with 25-word seed

  • Click “restore wallet 25-word seed” icon
  • Now, add the wallet name and wallet password details
  • Insert “25-word Mnemonic seed” in the text bar
  • Enter the restored height
  • Click on “make me a wallet already!” button

The wallets are located in the internal storage of your mobile device. There will be a folder named “monerujo” that will comprise of the details of your wallets. You can also use file explorer app to access them. Make Monerujo backup of this folder on a regular basis in the off-device storage in case you format your device, or it gets stolen or something.

Managing XMR Transactions

  • Click the wallet you have created. A daemon connection check will start.
  • Now, fill your wallet password.
  • Then, Monerujo app will scan for the blocks.
  • Click on the “Receive” button.
  • Fill the XMR amount, and select the currency you want to exchange XMR with.
  • You can generate the payment id making transaction.
  • A QR code will automatically get generated, which you can use for receiving payment.

Monerujo Donation Program

You can also donate Moneros to the Monerujo project. It will help the developers to make positive changes in this wallet app to make it more flexible.

  • Click the “Heart” icon in the top left corner of the app.
  • The donation address of Monerujo App will appear, which you can scan to donate the Monerujo wallet.

Monerujo Fees

The Monerujo fees depend upon the size transactions you are going to make. The amount you will be sending will not alter your transaction size, but the input and output amount will. For example, a normal transaction of 1 input and two outputs charges 0.012 XMR fees with normal priority and around 0.003 XMR with low priority.

Monerujo Github Service

When you access Monerujo on a desktop, you will see the “Docs” icon on the homepage. When you click it, you will be redirected to Monerujo Github community. It is the forum where developers post their codes, that can be used to optimize the functionalities of Monerujo. Developers from all over the world, post their codes to resolves issues that other users might be facing with Monerujo.

Monerujo Testnet

You can use the test net for testing your wallet. It is an alternative blockchain, and its coin is separate that distinct from actual Moneros, having no actual value. It is recommended that you have a staging version of Monero network, as the people are running test nodes for binaries release, and for nightly build.

It can also run on a separate port and reset after every second hard fork, whereas the test net can reset after every hard fork. To run the test net, click on the top right corner of the app, and Check the Testnet option. Your test net will automatically start running. There will be a difference in color texture.


Monerujo is one of the good wallets and is a feasible and reliable XMR mobile wallet for receiving and sending cryptocurrency coins. One of its unique features is that it provides QR code scanner functionality for managing XMR transactions. This feature makes the XMR use more convenient and is being used in other mobile wallets also. Additionally, you can move more back and forth between multiple wallets in a single app. Sometimes you may experience that Monerujo not connecting to the wallet nodes, even if your Internet Connecting is stable. Also, the developers are working on making Monerujo ios version, so that iPhone users can also access it.


  • You can access several wallets within a single app.
  • With QR code scanning in android, you can easily make transactions without typing Monero address manually.
  • It is an open source project. So you can look into there codes to ensure the security of your wallets.
  • With service, you can easily pay any BTC address.
  • You can’t take the screenshot of any activity you are doing in the app.


  • There’s sometimes node connectivity issue. The internet seems to work but is not connecting with the node address.
  • Currently, the Monerujo app is only available for Android devices, not for iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Sometimes, the Monerujo cannot reach node even if the device is connected to Internet service, which is a bug in the Monerujo App.
  • The wallet password generation mechanism is not strong enough. It accepts the password even its length is 1-character. Service Review – Monero Wallet and Monero Tumbler

XMR is an online service that allows you to make anonymous payments of Monero coins to the sites you specify. The system is very easy to use and quite friendly to the eye. There is very little information on who are the founders of This is to be expected especially because it is a service that is highly based on anonymity. It started its operations in 2015. One basically sends Monero to and they make a payment in bitcoin in your name. Many people do not want their business made public for everyone to see. Monero has provided this anonymity by hiding payment transactions you make. increases to this privacy making it possible to make payments to a third party and still cover your track. This has been very helpful to persons who love to make transactions through the dark market. can be accessed through the clearnet and also through Tor browser.

How to Place an Order

How to Place Order

To make payments with XMR, you will need to have Monero currency in your XMR wallet. In case you do not own any Monero currency you can use a centralized exchange like Kraken or a decentralized exchange like Open Ledger among many others. After you get Monero currency, visit the site through either clearnet or Tor browser. For privacy, it is good to use Tor browser.

First, enter the Bitcoin address you want to make payments to and then enter the amount you want to transfer. Once you are done click on the create tab. This will redirect you to the main page where you will need to fill in more details.

Order Summary

On the new screen, you will be given a twelve digit secret key, which you can use to track your order and its current status once you have made the transaction. Below the secret key, is information about the order you just placed and then followed by the amount of time you have to make the payments before your order expires. This is a current status displaying a countdown of the minutes you have, usually starting from 15 minutes. If the minutes run out before making the transfer, you can place another order or contact the support team if you had sent your Monero funds.

How to Pay

There are five ways you can make your monero funds deposits to the site:

1. Using integrated address.

Use Integrated Address

Click on the drop-down tab on this tab. An intergraded address that you will use to send Monero to will be displayed and the amount to send. In a case, the address does not work you can choose one of the other four alternatives of sending your money, preferably the old style payment id.

2. The second option is using old-style address/payment ID

Using old-style Payment ID

You will click on the drop-down on this tab. This will display a payment id that will include making your transfer, an XMR address to send the money to and the amount to send.

3. Using Monero CLI wallet

Using monero CLI wallet

If you want to use a Monero CLI wallet, click on the third drop down tab. This will display a link on the screen. Then copy the link to your Monero CLI Wallet account to make the transfer.

4. Using open alias

Using open alias

Click on the drop-down tab on the third button which will display a payment ID that you will include to make the transfer, an open alias to send and the amount you are needed to send.

5. Scan QR-Code

Scan QR-Code

To use a scan QR-Code, click on the last button on the drop-down tab. A scan code will be displayed. Use the code for your wallet software and make the transfer.

Order Tracking

You can always stop tracking the order anytime before the time lapses. Just click on the “stop tracking this order” and the action will be terminated immediately. Experience

Using is very easy and fast. You do not need to create an account in order to make a transfer with them. You will only need the address of the bitcoin account and your Monero funds to make a smooth transaction. There are no extra fees charged for making a transfer. The additional amount displayed is what is needed to make the transaction. They have a minimum amount of 0.004 BTC that can be transferred and a maximum of 5 BTC. One is able to use one of the payment options available to make a deposit. By offering five payments methods, clients who do not pose either of the payments can make payments without having to create new accounts or transfer their funds to different systems to make a transfer. It will take you the shortest time to finish the entire process. After you send in your Monero tokens, all the site requires is a confirmation from the blockchain servers after which they will make the payments on your behalf. Unlike other transfer services, their site has no customizable delay making one transfer their funds within the shortest time.

The transactions are well protected that once you are done not even will be able to trace the transfer activities. There is an onion address provided on their main page but you will need to use TOR browser for it to work.

It also allows you to check on your status through the use of a secret code provided on the site once you place your order. It is important to note that by creating an order you enter into a contract with them and violation of the contract will lead to you losing your money.

User Benefits

There is a contact email offered to customers in case they need further assistance by the site. One can email the support staff at There are also a set of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) to help the customer better understand their services.


Unlike many transfer sites, it has given many assurances of privacy. This has attracted a large pool of people to make transactions using it. Due to the increased use of Monero tokens the site has seen more activities generating a good income in the last couple of months. Its accessibility by Tor browser and cleaner net also helps it become popular, unlike other service providers who support only one of the browser systems. Additionally, it has become popular due to its additional feature allowing clients to be able to track their orders. This feature makes many have a reassurance that their payments transactions will be executed.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It applies the Monero technology for better privacy for clients
  • It has a free API


  • There is no affiliate campaign
  • It requires a second cryptocurrency, bitcoin