XMR.to Service Review – Monero Wallet and Monero Tumbler


XMR.to is an online service that allows you to make anonymous payments of Monero coins to the sites you specify. The system is very easy to use and quite friendly to the eye. There is very little information on who are the founders of XMR.to. This is to be expected especially because it is a service that is highly based on anonymity. It started its operations in 2015. One basically sends Monero to XMR.to and they make a payment in bitcoin in your name. Many people do not want their business made public for everyone to see. Monero has provided this anonymity by hiding payment transactions you make. Xmr.to increases to this privacy making it possible to make payments to a third party and still cover your track. This has been very helpful to persons who love to make transactions through the dark market. Xmr.to can be accessed through the clearnet and also through Tor browser.

How to Place an Order

How to Place Order

To make payments with XMR, you will need to have Monero currency in your XMR wallet. In case you do not own any Monero currency you can use a centralized exchange like Kraken or a decentralized exchange like Open Ledger among many others. After you get Monero currency, visit the site through either clearnet or Tor browser. For privacy, it is good to use Tor browser.

First, enter the Bitcoin address you want to make payments to and then enter the amount you want to transfer. Once you are done click on the create tab. This will redirect you to the main page where you will need to fill in more details.

Order Summary

On the new screen, you will be given a twelve digit secret key, which you can use to track your order and its current status once you have made the transaction. Below the secret key, is information about the order you just placed and then followed by the amount of time you have to make the payments before your order expires. This is a current status displaying a countdown of the minutes you have, usually starting from 15 minutes. If the minutes run out before making the transfer, you can place another order or contact the support team if you had sent your Monero funds.

How to Pay

There are five ways you can make your monero funds deposits to the site:

1. Using integrated address.

Use Integrated Address

Click on the drop-down tab on this tab. An intergraded address that you will use to send Monero to XMR.to will be displayed and the amount to send. In a case, the address does not work you can choose one of the other four alternatives of sending your money, preferably the old style payment id.

2. The second option is using old-style address/payment ID

Using old-style Payment ID

You will click on the drop-down on this tab. This will display a payment id that will include making your transfer, an XMR address to send the money to and the amount to send.

3. Using Monero CLI wallet

Using monero CLI wallet

If you want to use a Monero CLI wallet, click on the third drop down tab. This will display a link on the screen. Then copy the link to your Monero CLI Wallet account to make the transfer.

4. Using open alias

Using open alias

Click on the drop-down tab on the third button which will display a payment ID that you will include to make the transfer, an open alias to send XMR.to and the amount you are needed to send.

5. Scan QR-Code

Scan QR-Code

To use a scan QR-Code, click on the last button on the drop-down tab. A scan code will be displayed. Use the code for your wallet software and make the transfer.

Order Tracking

You can always stop tracking the order anytime before the time lapses. Just click on the “stop tracking this order” and the action will be terminated immediately.

XMR.to Experience

Using XMR.to is very easy and fast. You do not need to create an account in order to make a transfer with them. You will only need the address of the bitcoin account and your Monero funds to make a smooth transaction. There are no extra fees charged for making a transfer. The additional amount displayed is what is needed to make the transaction. They have a minimum amount of 0.004 BTC that can be transferred and a maximum of 5 BTC. One is able to use one of the payment options available to make a deposit. By offering five payments methods, clients who do not pose either of the payments can make payments without having to create new accounts or transfer their funds to different systems to make a transfer. It will take you the shortest time to finish the entire process. After you send in your Monero tokens, all the site requires is a confirmation from the blockchain servers after which they will make the payments on your behalf. Unlike other transfer services, their site has no customizable delay making one transfer their funds within the shortest time.

The transactions are well protected that once you are done not even XMR.to will be able to trace the transfer activities. There is an onion address provided on their main page but you will need to use TOR browser for it to work.

It also allows you to check on your status through the use of a secret code provided on the site once you place your order. It is important to note that by creating an order you enter into a contract with them and violation of the contract will lead to you losing your money.

User Benefits

There is a contact email offered to customers in case they need further assistance by the site. One can email the support staff at support@xmr.to. There are also a set of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) to help the customer better understand their services.


Unlike many transfer sites, it has given many assurances of privacy. This has attracted a large pool of people to make transactions using it. Due to the increased use of Monero tokens the site has seen more activities generating a good income in the last couple of months. Its accessibility by Tor browser and cleaner net also helps it become popular, unlike other service providers who support only one of the browser systems. Additionally, it has become popular due to its additional feature allowing clients to be able to track their orders. This feature makes many have a reassurance that their payments transactions will be executed.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It applies the Monero technology for better privacy for clients
  • It has a free API


  • There is no affiliate campaign
  • It requires a second cryptocurrency, bitcoin