HitBTC Exchange – Buy and Sell XMR Monero

HitBTC is a European Bitcoin exchange and one of the most advanced exchange portal in the world. It offers 0.1% fees for every trade you make. You can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, etc. and current fiat currencies such as USD, EUR. HitBTC.com provides cryptocurrency trading services to merchants, individual traders, and institutions worldwide. The HitBTC exchange review will cover every aspect of this exchange portal functionality:

Get Started HitBTC.com

This portion will include the points about how to register and login to your HitBTC.com account:

HitBTC Register & Login

Open a new tab and type hitbtc.com, and press the enter key. The following window will open on your computer screen:

getting started hitbtc

Click the “Register” Button, which is displayed in red color.

Now insert the email-id and password to register your account on HitBTC.com.

hitbtc sign in

The password should be at least of 6-characters and must comprise of one lower case, one uppercase letter and one number in it. After clicking the “Register” button, you’ll receive an email on the ID, on which you registered your HitBTC.com account.

hitbtc email verification

Click the blue link, it will take you to the HitBTC.com home-page. Now, enter your email and password to sign-in into your account. You can even click the “Sign in” button for HitBTC login.

hitbtc exchange page

You can even change the language from English to Chinese, by clicking on the Language Menu on the right-side of “Sign In” button.

Also, you can change the night mode to light mode.

hitcbtc night mode

HitBTC.com Terminal

After signing-in into your account, HitBTC.com terminal will open, which will comprise of following menu items:





System Health

HitBTC.com Settings

Click the “Setting” icon, right next to deposit button. The following window will appear:

hitbtc promo codes

General Settings

In the general settings, you can do basic settings of your profile like a setting-up nickname, change your time zone and then enter your password to confirm changes.

You can also redeem the promo code if you have any.


Click the “Security” menu to set-up the security of your account.

You can change your current password and also set the two-factor authentication for enhancing the security of your account.

hitbtc security


Thanks to HitBTC.com API’s, it is now known as one of the most user-friendly portals for the people who use trade bots.

Click the “API Keys” tabs, and then click “New API key” button.

Your HitBTC API Key will get automatically generated.

You can add multiple API keys here.

hitbtc api

Account Verification

You can upgrade your Verified status in advance by sending an email to compliance@hitbtc.com.

Your email must contain the following information:

Personal information such as name, surname, date, and country of birth.

Address details which should include, country, city, postal code, region (optional), street address.

Bank account information. It will cover bank name, IBAN/Account number, BIC/SWIFT code.

Other supporting documents such as identity proof, residence proof, and bank account ownership proof. All these documents should be color copies.

Make sure that your scans or photos meet the following requirements:

Documents must be valid from the date of issue.

Both sides of photos or scans must be uploaded.

The scanned images must be colored and of high resolution, minimum 200 dpi.

Supported formats are gif, pdf, jpg, and png.

The file size must not exceed 10mb.

Photos or scan must not be older than three months.

Issued documents must be in Latin alphabets or must contain Latin transliteration of main fields.

For Identity Document, you can choose any of the following:

National Passport (Double Page) or National ID card (both sides).

Driving Licence

International Passport

You can chosse any of the following document as your residence proof:

Bank Statement

Utility Bill

Council Tax or Tax return

Electricity Bill

For Bank Account Ownership proof, give any of the following details:

Original letter from your bank

Your bank account statement

Note that for giving your bank account proof, you are not allowed to give screenshots or the electronic documents. It should be paper-based and must be drafted on bank letterhead.

HitBTC Affiliate Program

The HitBTC.com affiliate program comprises of making rewards via your custom links. You can make up to 75% of reward from the trading fees of your friends who will use your referral links.

You can share your link on various social media platform.

hitbtc affiliate program

HitBTC XMR Trading Platform

To begin with, HitBTC.com trading mechanism, follow the given steps:-

Click the “Account” or “Deposit” Menu on the home page.

Search for the XMR in the search bar.

hitbtc xmr trading platform

Now, to begin with HitBTC deposit, click the “Deposit” Icon to credit your account with Monero. You can copy the wallet address, or scan the QR code. Use this code to deposit Monero.

hitbtc deposit qr code

If you want to withdraw Monero, then click the “Withdraw” tab.

Fill the amount you want to withdraw, wallet address and the Payment ID.

Then Click “Withdraw” button.

hitbtc withdraw xmr

HitBTC.com Reports

This section will comprise of the reports of your account summary, orders, trades and payment history.

You can generate a report on monthly, weekly, yesterday, or on a present day basis.

Let us assum you want the report of XMR trading. Click the “My Orders” tab and in market section, search for XMR. The details of XMR will get displayed.

HitBTC.com Customer Support Center

Click the “Support Center” menu at the bottom of the homepage.

The page will comprise of some frequently asked questions that users ask from the HitBTC.com team. If you are unable to find your answer, then scroll down the page and click the “Submit a new request” button.

Now, fill the following details:

Your Email Address

Subject of your query

Description of your request

Attach a file if any

Click the Submit Button.

HitBTC.com Monero Trading

The exchange fees for making a trade of XMR/BTC, XMR/ETH, and XMR/USDT is 0.1%, and the rebate amount is 0.01%. If you want to know about how to trade on HitBTC, then here’s a quite guide for you:

To begin with, Monero exchange, Go to the Exchange tab and search for XMR in the search bar.

You can trade XMR with only BTC, ETH and USDT. It is not available with ICO.

hitbtc trade xmr

Say you go with XMR/BTC. Now, go to the Buy or Sell XMR section. They will comprise of Market, Limit, and Scaled order section.

Let us say you go with Limit order section with XMR/BTC trading for buying XMR.

In the Limit Order section (Buy XMR), select the desired option from the drop-down menu. It will comprise of the following options:-






Fill the total amount of XMR you want to buy in the “Amount” text bar.

Set the price.

The total amount of Monero you’ll get will be automatically calculated.

Click the “Buy Limit” button.

Follow the same steps if you want to sell XMR for BTC.


For making an exchange with “Market” order tab, let us go with XMR/ETH trade and want to Sell XMR for ETH.

Select the “Stop” option, if you want to set the stop price.

Fill the amount you want to sell.

hitbtc example xmr trade

Now, set the stop price in case you selected “Stop” option.

Click the “Sell Stop” button.

The approximate ETH amount that you will receive after selling will be shown above “Sell Stop” button.

Follow the same steps for buying XMR.


Click the USDT tab for making XMR/USDT trade.

Go to the “Buy XMR” section and click on “Scaled” tab.

There’s a settings icon. Click on it and select any choice you want to begin your trade with.

Now, set the XMR amount you want to buy.

Set the price step, minimum and maximum price.

The order count will get automatically calculated.

Click the “Buy Scaled” button.


HitBTC.com is a popular XMR exchange with unique features that make it compatible with trade/ exchange of FIAT and cryptocurrency. Some of the popular features of the website support for FIX protocol and capability of opening demo trading account. It allows you to test the trading features without damaging your wallet. Additionally, the HitBTC.com company does not accept FIAT currency transfers made by average traders.


  • The trading platform of HitBTC.com is user-friendly and easy to handle.
  • It provides support to a maximum number of altcoins available.
  • The commission structure is very competitive.
  • There are specific advanced tools for trading XMR.
  • Trading volume is very high.
  • There’s also HitBTC Android App for smartphones on play store.


  • So much information is required for HitBTC.com account verification.
  • Exchanging portal for Novice traders is difficult and also not support credit cards payment.
  • It was hacked back in 2016.
  • There’s not much information about the company.
  • It does not accept fiat currency transfers from many traders.
  • There are reports of negative HitBTC reviews.

Abucoins.com Exchange – Buy and Sell XMR Monero

abucoins.com exchange

Getting Started with Abucoins.com Exchange

Abucoins.com is an exchange for trading cryptocurrency through the medium of fiat-crypto or cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency trading. With offices in both London and Dubai, it was founded on the principles of putting the customer’s needs first. The exchange has a user-friendly, two-level interface, (basic and advanced) both of which are easy to navigate

The first impression a visitor gets about the Abucoins exchange review when you visit the website is how well-structured the home page is laid out. All the initial information a person might need to get started on the crypto-exchange is plainly visible on the first page. Unlike other similar trading platforms, the exchange provides an innovative interface with various tools for technical analysis, and it also features various pricing charts. Other important trading elements on the platform is that it includes a trading history window, market depth, and an order book.

The trading platform conveniently presents the information you will need about registering and logging in a simple way. The initial details about the type of trading you can take part in on the exchange are immediately and clearly visible.

abucoins getting started homepage

Abucoins Account Registration

With a user-friendly interface, the Abucoins Exchange Platform is easy to navigate. On the right upper corner on the website, there is a slider button that will enable you to switch from the basic to the advanced interface.

The registration process is not complicated. Once you are on the site, you will see the REGISTER/LOGIN button on the upper right corner of the homepage. Here are the steps to follow to register.

Click on the button marked “Register”

This will take you to the creating account page.

You will then see a field for your personal details i.e. Your valid email address and a unique password with the following:

abucoins create account

You will then repeat your password

And then you click on the Terms/Privacy checkbox

The final step in the registration process is to click the “I am not a robot” button

After completing the registration process and you are logged in, you will be required to verify your account.

A word of caution, however, is that if you are not able to get your Abucoins account verified, that would mean a country/state restriction e.g. residents of New York and Washington state in the US. Also, most Asian and African countries are under the same restriction. You can contact support by clicking on the chat button on the lower right corner to find out whether your specific location is restricted or not.

You can still avoid the restriction by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This will hide the source of your IP Address, and enable you to proceed with the verification process. Here is how the VERIFICATION page looks like.

abucoins trading platform

Abucoins.com Trading Platform

The Abucoins exchange trading platform accommodates various languages and a number of well-known cryptocurrencies. One of the altcoins available for trade now is XMR/BTC. But in the future, the exchange will host more than 30 trading pairs, and quite a number of fiat currencies like the USD, the EUR, and the PLN. This makes it easy for traders on the Abucoins API exchange to cash out their coins or use cash to buy cryptocurrencies.

Traders on the platform enjoy convenient payment methods because a number of fiat currencies are supported. In other words, you can easily use credit card payments or bank transfers to carry out your transactions on the exchange. Apart from Dotpay bank wire payments such as Mastercard and Visa are support on Abucoins exchange.

The trading platform is scalable, and you can use quite a number of other devices like tablets, smartphones to access your account. The use of Abucoins exchange is not limited to computers/PCs only.

Abucoins.com Verification

In the midsection of your account’s page, you will see the option requiring you to verify your account. Before taking part in any transactions after registering your account, you MUST have it verified.

The Abucoins exchange has a two-tier verification process. First, you will need to create your account on the exchange. Secondly, having created the account, you will be required to establish or set up a 2-factor authentication.

  1. You will need to verify your bank account
  2. You will also verify your identity

Abucoins verification

The steps include: Your name, your email, your city, road, house NO:, state, your postal code, phone number, country, date of birth, document – ID/PASSPORT, the expiry date of your document, your selfie plus the images for your identity – both front and back,

Once you provide all the above details, you will wait for your verification. Some exchanges can take several days, weeks or even months to complete the process, but in Abucoins exchange, it takes just a day or two to get your account verified.

After having your account verified, you can now take part in real trading by having your withdrawal limit increased. However, to take part in any trade, you will need to deal in real money. Payments are made in real cash. The currencies used on the exchange are as follows:

abucoins verify your account

Abucoins.com Monero XMR Trading Platform

  • To trade Monero, go to the User Panel (Indicated below with the right-pointing arrow. You will see the price, amount, and the completed, order, date and delete order.abucoins buy XMR
  • Next, you will see the transaction history. Here the session expires, but you can click the ok button to proceed.
  • Everything you do about your order has a corresponding price, amount, and date.abucoins trade xmrbtc
  • You will see charts that demonstrate your orders, the market depth, and your trading history.abucoins trade history
  • There are deposit limits for both the BTC/ETHabucoins deposit xmr
  • There is also a daily withdrawal limit which you can do by withdrawing Monero or exchanging your Monero to withdraw Bitcoin
  • And of course, there is the Maker fee which is 0.0%. Maker fee is charged, when your order is not completed immediately when it is in pending status and you are waiting for someone to buy it. If you set the price you need to wait for someone to sell it at the price that you have provided.
  • And the Taker fee which is 0.1% will be charged when the transaction proceeds immediately because it is the same as or above the price you have provided.

Abucoins.com Conclusion


  1. The user interface has options for both basic/advanced trading
  2. The exchange supports several fiat currencies such as the USD, EUR
  3. Accepts a number of payment options including wire transfers.
  4. The platform has advanced features
  5. It offers a wide selection of altcoins


  1. Like all platforms trading cryptocurrency, Abucoins exchange is not regulated.
  2. There is no cold storage for funds, so storage of client’s funds is not assured.
  3. Some trading pairs do not have enough volumes yet
  4. Offers only limited language versions, Polish and English
  5. Provides no margin trading

Binance.com Exchange – Buy and Sell Monero


Binance.com focuses on low trading fees and deals in crypto to crypto exchange. It doesn’t deal with fiat, so there aren’t any regulatory issues on it. The listing of Altcoins and initial coin offerings is impressive. It is a Hong Kong-based exchange website, and its servers are in South Korea.

Binance.com Registration & Login

Binance.com homepage

  • Open the website and click on the “Register” button for Binance exchange sign up. The registration form will open in new tab.
  • Now fill the information necessary to begin the registration process.
  • You are required to fill the following information:
    Binance.com Registration

    • Your email address, where verification will be sent.
    • Binance.com password.
    • Referral ID if any.
  • Then, click on “register” button.
  • A verification email will be sent to your E-mail ID.
  • Click on the “verify email”.
    Binance.com Account Activation
  • Now, click on “login” button.
  • For Binance exchange login procedure, fill the following information:-
    • Your email id
    • Password

Binance.com login page
When you press the login button, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to drag and drop the block in the empty space. This is an advanced version of Captcha and times you, informing you if you have defeated other people participating in a similar verification. It is to assure your successful login to your account.

Binance.com verification Captcha

Binance.com Dashboard

  • After login to your account, the Binance.com dashboard will open.
  • But before you get started with your trading, a pop-up window will appear, asking you for 2FA or SMS verification process. It is to secure your account, but you can skip this process also.
    Binance.com verification

Login Password

  • On the Dashboard, there’s an option to change your existing login password. Just click on “change” button.
  • Now, fill your “old password, new password and confirm password” details to change your current Binance.com password.

Two-Factors Authentication

  • In the 2FA procedure, there’s an option of SMS authentication. It is used for security and withdrawals modification.
  • Click the enable button to open SMS authentication page.
  • Now, fill your phone number. An SMS will be sent to you containing SMS authentication code.
  • Now, click the submit button.

binance.com 2FA authentication

Google Authenticator

  • It is also used for security and withdrawals modifications.
  • Click the “enable” button to open Google Authenticator page.
  • For enabling this service, follow the following steps:-
    • Download the mobile application for your Android or iOS device.
    • Now, scan the QR-code from your app. It is a 16-digit key.
    • Enable the 2FA by clicking the Yellow button in the 3rd
  • After clicking the button, a new pop-up window will appear, asking you to “Enable 2FA.” But first, enter the 2FA code from the mobile application.


  • By creating an API private key, you will get an easy access to the market and a real-time trading service on Binance.com via mobile application or 3rd party website.
  • Click on API Setting.
  • Now to get started with API, enter the API key label to create a new key.

Binance.com Account Verification

For submitting Binance.com verification documents you need to enable the SMS Authenticadtion or through Google Authenticator.

Binance.com Language Support

binance.com language support

The website supports multiple languages such as Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean, French, Japanese and Russian. It enables them to stand in the international market.

  • Click on the Flag Menu in the top right corner of the website and select your preferred language.
  • The website will get converted to your preferred language type.

Binance.com Labs

binance labs application

Binance labs is a startup company that helps other startups to settle down in the business world. It is also a blockchain technology incubator and mainly focuses on pre-ICO(Initial Coin Offering) teams and projects. For applying the Binance Labs application form, follow the given steps:-

  • Click on “Labs” menu in the top middle of the website.
  • A new window will open. Then press the “Apply” button.
  • A forum will appear which contains the details that you need to fill. Following are the number of fields that you have to fill to apply for placement in Binance.com Labs:-
    • Email Address
    • LinkedIn or other professional profile
    • Permanent link to your white paper
    • URL of the Official Website
  • There are few questions that you need to answer as given below:-
    • How you measure the success or failure of your every milestone?
    • The amount of fund your need to attain every milestone?
    • Your Target Valuation?
    • Where’s your team based, and your legal incorporation?
    • Additional information that you want to share?
  • After filling all the details, click the submit button. You can also request a copy of your responses.

Binance.com Launchpad

  • After registering your account, click the “launchpad” menu, and the following window will appear in the new tab.
  • Now, select the LaunchPad project in which you want to participate.
  • Get into the purchase page, and you will see the UPCOMING or SUCCESS.
  • Press the “Buy Now” button if it appears to be yellow. If there’s a “success” written over the project, then you can’t buy it.

Binance.com Customer Service

  • For running the exchange successfully, it is necessary to have a proper customer support team. The Binance customer service is capable of answering every query promptly.
  • Click on the “support” button, and a new tab will open.
  • If you click the Announcement tab, it will take you to the “Latest News” and “New Listings” page.
  • The “FAQ” tab contains the answers to the questions that users ask the customer support team.
  • There’s also a “submit request” on the top of the screen, where you can submit your query. Follow the given steps to submit your request:-
    • Click the “Submit Request” button.
    • Now, select the issue from the drop-down menu.
    • For example -In case you select the “Help with Deposits” option. Then fill the following fields:-
      • Subject
      • Description of the query
      • Your Finance account email
      • Select the issue type from the drop-down menu
      • Enter the coin name
      • Your Transaction ID, and address
      • Tag/Memo/Transaction Payment ID
      • Attachments of the files
    • Now, click the submit button.
    • Likewise, you need to fill the form whenever you have a query regarding any issue.

Binance.com Funding

how to fund binance.com account

  • Go to the “funds” tab and click “Deposits & Withdrawals.”
  • Now, search for the coin XMR (Monero) and click.
  • Click the “deposit” button. A message will appear stating why it is necessary to have a withdrawal address for depositing XMR.
    binance.com xmr deposit
  • Click “I understand. Continue” button.
  • Two different address will appear, showing “XMR deposit address” & XMR “deposits.” You can only send Monero currency to these addresses. If you attempt to send another currency to these address, it will result in loss of your Binance.com deposits. Copy or scan the QR code to make the XMR deposit.
  • If you click the withdrawal tab, it will ask for SMS or Google Auth. If you haven’t done it, it is strongly recommended that you verify yourself using any of these two methods.
  • When you click “Trade” button, two options will appear, XMR/BTC and XMR/ETH.
    binance.com xmr trade options

When you select any of the options, it will take you to the trading page. Let us say you select XMR/BTC, it will open the following page:-The “History” tab will comprise of your withdrawal and deposit history.

  • You can even export your complete deposit or withdrawal history if you like.

Binance.com Order

  • Go to “Order” tab and click on “Open Orders” button.
  • The list of your open orders will get displayed if you have any.
  • The “order history” section will display the details of all the orders you have made.
  • Trade history will display the withdrawals and deposit history.

Binance.com Trading

how to trade on binance.com

  • Click the “Exchange” tab and select the “Basic” menu. The following screen will appear:-
  • Don’t worry about the graph and numbers displaying. They may seem to be overwhelming, but you can ignore them.
  • The XMR will always appear in a pair such as XMR/BTC, XMR/ETH.

Searching XMR coin

  • Search for the XMR coin in the search bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the ETH tab for opening XMR/ETH data.

Buying XMR Coin

  • Select the Market tab.
  • Now, set the amount accordingly. It can be some coins or the percentage of your ETH wallet.
  • Click “Buy XMR.” Now you know how to buy XMR using ETH.

Selling XMR to BTC

  • Click the BTC menu next to ETH menu.
  • Search for XMR in the search bar as shown in above figure.
  • Click on XMR/BTC pairing.
  • Now, go to “market” tab.
  • Enter the amount of XMR or XMR balance percentage you want to sell.
  • Click on “Sell XMR.”

buying xmr selling xmr binance.com

Limit Order

Limiting XMR trades binance.com

  • Search for the XMR in the Search bar as described in the above sections.
  • Select the XMR/ETH pairing.
  • Now, click the “Limit” order section.
  • Now enter the amount you want to sell or buy.The price being displayed is the limit put on the amount of XMR you want to sell or buy.
  • The total cost will be automatically calculated.
  • Click the “Buy XMR” or “Sell XMR” button to make your trade.
  • Same is with making Limit Order trade with XMR/BTC.


  • Select the “Stop-Limit” section, next to the “Market” section.
  • Let us say that you are going with XMR/BTC pairing.
  • Now, put the stop value of your ETH balance in “Buy XMR” section. Or, put the stop value of ETH value in the Sell XMR section if you want to sell your Monero.
  • Set the limit of the ETH.
  • Now, fill the total amount of Monero you want to sell or buy, in their perspective sections.
  • Press the “Buy XMR” or “Sell XMR” button according to your selections.

Binance Coin Exchange Advance Menu

ethxmr trading

  • Go to the Exchange menu and click “advance” tab.
  • A dark colored screen will open displaying graph and numbers in systematic order.
  • You can select the XMR/ETH or XMR/BTC by going to the drop-down menu, next to the “Account” option.
  • Search for the XMR and then select the XMR/BTC option.
  • The Limit, Market, & Stop-Limit sections function same just like the “Basic” section works.
  • The trading fees of Binance.com crypto exchange is 0.1%.
  • Withdrawal fees of Monero is 0.04.
  • Let us say you want to make Monero trade using BTC.
  • Then, choose the “Limit” order section, and fill all the necessary details.
  • Click the “Buy XMR” or “Sell XMR” button to make your trade.


The Binance Exchange is known for its fast processing speed, and its myriad of coins and low trading fees is unmatchable. It is capable of processing over 1.4 million transactions/second. In the blockchain community, Binance.com coin exchange is viral these days. The other cool thing about this company is the financial support it provides to other start-up companies, although it is in cryptocurrency.


  • There’s a Binance android app to run the exchange on smartphones. It is also compatible with iOS.
  • The site supports multiple languages.
  • It also offers BNB tokens to reduce your trading fees
  • Significant amount of transactions( over 1.4 million) get processed each second
  • Provides two modes of exchange views: Basic and Advanced
  • There are low Binance fees for withdrawals and purchases.


  • Right now, two-factor authentication is only supported by Chinese phone numbers
  • It does not support Fiat money transfers
  • The company is Chinese based, so there’s no guarantee that how Chinese Government regulatory actions can impact the exchange
  • Few issues have been reported in the Android version of application
  • Reports of withdrawing delays for specific coins from Binance

Best Monero CPU Mining Cards 2018 – Top 5 CPU Mining Cards

XMR Mining CPU

With a steady rise of new coins entering the market each day, mining profitability has been a huge topic all around. From Bitcoin, the current crypto giant, to other altcoins such as Monero, Iota and Cardano, a major thing to consider when it comes to mining is the systems they run on; Proof-Of-Work (POW), Proof-Of-Stake (POS) and Tangle are all systems that continually push the cryptocurrency world to new exciting territories. That is not to say that they don’t come with pros and cons though. One will have to be heavily invested in mining gear if he was to mine Bitcoin for instance, which runs on a Proof-Of-Work system. That means the block reward is distributed to those with the greater hashing contribution to a great extent, thus making it pretty hard to make a profit with a standard CPU/GPU mining rig. But what if one was to mine altcoins instead with a pretty basic setup?

This is where mining becomes rather interesting. With Monero (XMR) having been Minergate’s first choice when it comes to mining profitability, more and more coins can be mined using a budget mining rig and actually prove to be profitable. But what would it take to build a mining rig on a budget? Apart from GPUs, which are now the main source of hashing power, we shouldn’t let aside the fact that we can also use a good CPU setup to our advantage as well, enhancing our total mining performance as a whole. So what makes a CPU good for mining purposes?

Taking a look at Monero Benchmarks (http://monerobenchmarks.info/), the Intel XEON series provides for an excellent base to run a mining setup. Both the E7-8867L and the E5-2665 prove to be quite powerful, while also considering the E7-8890’s 1483 h/s hashing power and 165 W power consumption when running on an Ubuntu 16.10 operating system. But let’s take a closer look at some of these models.

Top 5 Best Monero Mining CPU Hardware

  1. INTEL XEON CPU E7-8880 V3

    xmr mining intel xeon processor e7 8800 v3

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.30 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 1500 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 150W

    With an excellent energy efficiency of 150 W, the Xeon E7-8880 provides for a perfect solution, reaching a total of 1500 h/s. Though quite expensive, combined with a GPU set (see the respective article), mining Monero on a rig like this can be one of the best setups to build upon.

  2. INTEL XEON E7-8867L

    xmr mining intel xeon e7 8877L

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.13 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 310 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 105W

    With an additional option to even run a multiple CPU setup, the Xeon E7-8867L is also another piece of gear to consider. For a relatively low price, a single 8867L can reach 310 h/s and combined with a Vega GPU, it can make for some interesting results.

  3. INTEL CORE i7-6700HQ

    xmr mining Intel-Core-i7-6700HQ-6th-Generation

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.60 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 96 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 45W

    Running on 4 cores with a base processor frequency of 2.60 GHz, the i7-6700HQ can reach 96 h/s, making it one of the best choices right now when mining on a budget. Along with the i7-4700HQ, which comes at 130 h/s, these two are definitely worth checking out.

  4. INTEL XEON E5-2665

    xmr mining intel_xeon_processor__5_2

    Processor Base Frequency: 2.40 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 416 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 115W

    Though a bit on the pricey side, the E5-2665 is quite a piece of gear to be left out of any mining gear list. Its 416 h/s hashing power makes it one of the best models available as it can pay off rather fast. With a total of 12 threads and a 115 W power consumption, it is one of the most energy-efficient CPUs out there.

  5. INTEL CORE i7-7700K
    xmr mining intel core i7 7700k

    Processor Base Frequency: 4.20 GHz

    Total Hashing Power: 360 H/S

    Total Power Consumption: 91W

    The i7-7700K can be your safest choice when it comes to mining on a budget. Combined with a 1080Ti GPU, the results can be quite outstanding, as Monero (XMR) is mined smoothly on a rig like this. With the i7-7700K priced in the affordable CPU range, it provides for an excellent setup, with the CPU alone reaching 360 H/S when overclocked.


Choosing a steady and reliable mining rig, whether built on a dedicated computer or one designed to mine on the side, a good CPU-GPU balance can prove to be of great importance for to produce some decent results. With the world of cryptocurrency mining growing all the more each day, it is an exciting time indeed to be involved; the fact that a lot of new coins move towards more basic mining structures provides for a great time for one to get started. CPUs that can be used for that manner can range in terms of pricing, such as the excellent INTEL CORE i7-7700K (which is actually our safest choice when being on a budget), to the more advanced INTEL XEON CPU E7-8880 V3, which is capable of producing some outstanding results. Happy mining!

EXMO Exchange – Buy and Sell Monero

exmo exchange logo

EXMO is an exchange platform comprising of enthusiastic and committed professionals team, which are assembled from all over the world. The financial advisors are from Singapore, USA and Lithuania and their programmers are from Thailand, Spain, India, and Russia. Their primary goal is to create a convenient and secure cryptocurrency trading platform in the whole world. EXMO exchange supports the Monero, Dash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ruble, Dollar, Litecoin, Ethereum and Euro wallets. The supported coins are Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

EXMO Registration

The section will provide an overview of regarding registration process of EXMO account on EXMO.com:

Registration & Login Process

  • Open a new tab and type EXMO.com. Press the enter key, and the homepage will open.
    EXMO Sign up page
  • You can type your email address in the text field with sign-up button, or you can click on the Sign-up button on the top right corner of the website. When you go down to the website, there’s a “Register an account” button to create your free account on the site.
    EXMO Register Account
  • The registration page will open where you will enter your email, username, password and confirm password details.
  • There should be more than five Latin characters in the login section, and the password length should comprise of at least seven Latin characters.
    EXMO Registration Form
  • After Entering the Register button, you will receive the account activation mail in your email-id.
  • When you click the link, your account will get activated, and the message will appear as given below:
    EXMO Account Activation
  • Press the login button to redirect yourself to a login page. After that, the dashboard will open displaying the trading interface of the EXMO bitcoin. If you will log out and try to log in again, the email text field will show “check your email” message in-case you insert wrong email address, or it is empty. You don’t have to fill username in it. Instead, you will fill your email address on which it has been registered.
  • After login in, the dashboard will appear displaying Buy & Sell, Exchange, and Finance menu items.

EXMO Congratulations

EXMO Account Verification

EXMO Authorization

For managing the transactions, especially when you have to make bank deposits, EXMO verification is necessary. The following steps will provide you with the detailed information about how to verify your account:-

  • Go to your user-name menu and click on “Account Verification.”
  • After that, the following form will appear, and you have to fill the following fields:-
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Document Series and Number
    • ID Document Expiration Date
    • Color Scan Copy of the Documents

    EXMO verification

    The following list shows the documents requirements that are mandatory for verifying your account on the EXMO:-

    • The duplicates or scanned copies of your documents must be of high quality. Details must be clearly visible for verification.
    • You have to submit colored scan copies, and it must be in the uniform background.
    • All four angles of the documents should be visible. Cropping is not allowed.
    • There must be no irrelevant article or object on the document, which doesn’t have a place with the first. For instance, cuts, fingers, and so forth.
    • Altered or graphically altered reports and the records containing examining/photographic impacts such as blurring and flashlights are not acknowledged.
    • Image format accepted are png, jpg, and size ranging from 500kb to 5mb.

    EXMO Document Requirements

    EXMO Private Messages

    • Click on the “private messages” tab to open your message section.
    • Your messages will be displayed in this section.

    EXMO Referral ProgramEXMO Referral Program

    The reason why users prefer to do their business on EXMO is that of its affiliate referral program. If you introduce your friends to EXMO, you can earn 25% commission, generated by their EXMO transactions. Just follow the following steps:-

    • Click on “Referral Program” tab.
    • Copy your referral code and share it with friends.

    EXMO pays 25% commission when your friend will register on EXMO website with your referral code and make exchange transactions.

    In case you want to add the EXMO bitcoin banner on your website, copy the banner code and add in the code of your site.

    EXMO Cashback

    EXMO Cash back

    Cashback is the part of the commission refund which is paid for the exchange. You will be paid back a small part of the commission generated by the exchanges. It will rely upon a volume of operations conferred as per the exhibited table. Cashback is aggregated through the span of a month and deposited in your account on the first day of the following month. Accumulations for all exchanges will be done in BTC. Operations in different cryptocurrencies or standard currencies will automatically change to BTC.

    EXMO Exchange

    EXMO is among the top ten digital currency trade that enables clients to exchange crypto coins and various fiat monetary forms, for example, the USD (U.S. dollar) and EUR (euros):

    • If you’re XMR cryptocurrency user, you may wish to begin by trading fiat currency with primary currency, for example, bitcoin.
    • It’s conceivable to perform EXMO deposits and withdrawals on exchange portal, store your XMR crypto coins in EXMO’s improved secure wallet, or execute exchanges and arbitrage openings on the brought together EXMO exchange mode stage.

    When performing the exchange of your Monero coins, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Exchange” tab.
    • Select the XMR (Monero) that you will be giving.
    • Then select the currency with which you want to exchange your XMR coin with.
    • Press the exchange button.

    Your available balance and the balance after exchange will get displayed on every exchange you are going to make. The exchange history is also given.


    EXMO Monero (XMR) Withdrawals & Deposits

    XMR or Monero addresses comprises of 95 characters string, which starts with number 4. Ensure that a four must lead the address you expect to send your XMR tokens to or else, the exchange will fail. A PaymentID is necessary to connect your exchange with your record along with Monero. PaymentID is 64 characters in length and ought to go with trades.

    If you want to perform XMR deposit, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Finance” tab.
    • Go down the screen and click the Deposit button given in front of XMR option.
    • Generate the Monero address by pressing “Create Address” button.
    • The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 XMR.
    • Your Monero Address will get generated, which you can copy and use for refilling your account.

    For making Monero withdrawal, follow the given steps:-

    • Click the “Finance” tab.
    • Click the withdraw button in front of XMR option.
    • Fill the withdrawal amount, and the amount that you’ll get is displayed below that.
    • Insert the wallet address that you generated.
    • Click the “withdraw” button.

    XMR Buy / XMR Sell / XMR Trading

    EXMO exchange is one of the trusted cryptocurrency exchange portals. You can buy and sell XMR (Monero) with either BTC (Bitcoin), EURO (EUR) or US Dollars (USD). EXMO clients often comment on how rapidly exchanges are executed. Clients somewhere else tend to grumble about abating affirms as the quantity of blockchain exchange has expanded.


    You can change the week trading to day, month, or year trading comparison also. To make the XMR/USD trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Click on the XMR menu as shown in the above figure and then select XMR/USD option.
    • Now, select the limit order section if you want to make limit order trade.
    • In case you want to buy Monero, then fill the total amount you want to purchase. The price will be automatically calculated.
    • Also, the total commission amount will be displayed that will go to the EXMO exchange.
    • If you desire to sell the XMR, then fill the total amount you want to sell in “Sell, XMR” section. The commission will get calculated, and you can sell your Monero.

    For making instant order trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Select the “instant order tab.”
    • Fill the amount you want to buy.
    • Its total cost will be displayed.
    • Then press the “Buy XMR” button.
    • In case you want to sell your Monero; then fill the amount in “Sell, XMR” section.
    • Then press the “Sell XMR” button.


    You can change the week trading to year, day, or month trading comparison also. To make the XMR/EUR trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Click on the XMR menu as shown in the above figure and then select XMR/EUR option.
    • Now, select the limit order section if you want to make limit order trade.
    • In case you want to buy Monero, then fill the total amount you want to purchase. The price will be automatically calculated.
    • Also, the total commission amount will be displayed that will go to the EXMO exchange.
    • If you desire to sell the XMR, then fill the total amount you want to sell in “Sell, XMR” section. The commission will get calculated, and you can sell your Monero.

    For making instant order trade, follow the given steps:-

    • Select the “instant order tab.”
    • Fill the amount you want to buy.
    • Its total cost will be displayed.
    • Then press the “Buy XMR” button.
    • In case you want to sell your Monero; then fill the amount in “Sell, XMR” section.
    • Then press the “Sell XMR” button.


      In the limit order section, there’s a limit for buying and selling of XMR. You need to define the amount and price of the Monero for buying or selling of XMR. The commission of EXMO exchange will automatically be deducted from the balance.

      The instant order section is divided into four quadrants, two is for “Buy, XMR,” and 2 is for “Sell, XMR” section.

    EXMO Customer Support

    If you can have doubts regarding the exchange or other information, then you can get the help of EXMO support team. There are also few frequently asked questions-answers, which can resolve your doubt in few moments. If you are still not satisfied with the answer, then you can proceed with “online chat” or “create a ticket” option.

    When you click on “online chat” button, the following page will open, where can chat and ask questions from EXMO officials sitting over another end.

    In case you decide to generate the ticket, then click on “create a ticket” option and you will be directed to the forum page. Here, you must fill your email address, login, subject, and then in a description, fill your query or request. You can also attach attachments, and then click on submit button.


    It is a user-friendly exchange platform with a simple user interface, and it is also light-weighted, which means it runs smoothly on every device. EXMO allows an exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies with multiple payment methods. For trading of Monero currency, you need to create a Monero address for deposit and withdrawal processes. The limited and instant exchanging are sufficiently basic for tenderfoots while there are various cryptos offered. Business clients won’t be happy with limited exchanging as EXMO’s functionalities are not too complicated.


    • EXMO Monero service is available globally.
    • The website supports the multiple crypto coins, payment methods, and fiat currencies.
    • It also has IP approval function.
    • The website user interface is customer friendly and easily understandable.


    • High Fees.
    • Not mobile device friendly.
    • It requires scanned IP for cards and bank transfers.
    • Margin trading too simplified.